Top 5 Low Maintenance Plants For The Forgetful Type

Caring for a houseplant is not always easy for everyone. It takes time and practice and, finally, a routine. Leaving them under-watered or over-exposed to the Sun can take the life out of them. If you are new to the world of plants and are looking for some easy alternatives to get you acquainted with the process of plant care, here are some examples of some low maintenance plants that can make your life easier:

Low Maintenance Plants

ZZ Plant(Zamioculcas zamiifolia)

ZZ plants are known for being the type of plant that silently sits in the corner of the room, adding to the beauty of the decor. They do not need much light, can be watered once monthly and can be forgotten about. They were discovered in the drought-ridden parts of Africa and can go for a long time without water or proper care.

Cast-iron Plant

They couldn’t be more aptly named. Cast-iron plants originate from China and are stem-less plants with up to 2 feet long leaves. It can tolerate any kind of soil and can thrive in extreme weather conditions as well. They do not need much light, can handle humidity any time of the day and are very slow growers.

Pothos Plant(Epipremnum aureum)

They are so hard to kill that their nickname is ‘Devil’s Ivy’. They can be neglected weeks upon weeks but will still stand strong without any care. Just water them once in a few weeks, and they’ll be good to go. They are, again, an amazing indoor plant that comes in different colours like yellowish-green, greenish-white, and green and yellow.


They are part of the family of succulents and can be left in the brightest and the driest of indoor spaces for days without care. Their watering cycle runs once a month, and they like their soil dry. During the winters, you can even go without watering them for the whole season. To know when to water them, look for shrivelled parts or colour changing (blackish-brown) stems.

Swiss-cheese Plant(Monstera deliciosa)

Another highly resilient type, the Swiss-cheese plant, can take on different lighting conditions like a champ. They require a lot of space and, like their scientific name, can turn into a monster with their huge heart-shaped leaves in a very short amount of time. Watering them is also a no-brainer. They like humidity, but not too much, so watering them once in a while will do the trick.

Other than these, you can also go for a snake plant, aloe vera, spider plant or even just a common house succulent. They can be excellent indoor house plants or can even be given as a gift to someone who wants to venture into being a plant parent.