What are the Most Fragrant Flowers in India?

Besides their unending spectrum of multi-hues, aesthetic appeal, home decor and providing clean air, the floral scent can have a positive and therapeutic effect on physical and mental health. Flowers are the most natural and liveliest source of filling your home and garden with pleasant scents. In fact, the natural scent of blooms is utilised for healing and relaxing purposes. Check out our list of the most fragrant flowers that will breathe life and freshness into your senses.

What are the Most Fragrant Flowers in India


Wouldn’t you like to come home to a pleasant scent that exudes an aromatic ambience? Jasmine will leave you feeling spellbound! It is the most popular fragrant flower that spreads out a heavenly aroma all over the place, leaving you feeling relaxed and refreshed in an instant.


While talking about the most fragrant flowers, how could we miss out on the rose, right? Rose is an incredible flower that has the most intoxicating and pleasant fragrance. Since this perennial flower blooms all year long, it will never cease to give you a delightful fragrance every day.

Raat Ki Rani (Cestrum)

A fragrant garden is incomplete without the presence of a nocturnal beauty the Raat Ki Rani flower is. This night-blooming flower is beautiful, fragrant and can grow quite aggressively. Go for the white flower variant of Raat Rani for it has a strong and Sweeter scent than the yellow one.


Next on our list of the most fragrant flowers in India is Lavender. It gives out an amazing and soothing fragrance. Its peaceful smell is known to reduce anxiety, headache, insomnia and depression. Also, lavender oil is known to treat acne by getting rid of bacteria that leads to breakouts.


Commonly known as Rajnigandha or Gulchhadi, Tuberose is a bulbous perennial plant that has a strong sweet smell. The fragrant tuberose oil is used to make many perfumes, soaps, creams, etc. It produces white fragrant flowers for 2-3 years after being planted.

Kamini (Cestrum)

Last but not the least, Kamini is a sturdy plant that gives out a highly attractive aroma. This astonishing beauty makes an attractive addition to any place. Besides, since it is a low maintenance one, it’s great for those who have just started to nurture their green thumb.