How to Tend to Gerbera Daisy with Love?

Known for its vivid colours, visual appeal and cheerful presence - Gerbera Daisy is the favourite of flower enthusiasts. Best identified by its distinctive large flowering head, Gerbera Daisy is a popular cut flower that, given its availability in an array of eye-catching hues, paints the place, they are put at, a pleasant landscape. Not only this, but this flower is also a popular gifting flower suitable for an array of occasions - Birthdays, Weddings, Anniversaries and much more. Now that this bloom has caught your attention, in this article we have shared everything you need to know to care for Gerbera Daisy like a pro.

How to Tend to Gerbera Daisy with Love

Expose Gerbera Daisies to Adequate Sunlight

Gerbera Daisies require plenty of sunlight to grow. Though they enjoy sunlight all day long, do not plant them in a space that receives direct and bright sunlight. Morning sunlight and afternoon shade are their preferred light settings.

Water your Gerbera Daisies Regularly

Judicious watering is very important for the plant to thrive. Gerbera daisies require frequent watering. It is recommended to water them in the morning as it reduces the risk of fungal diseases and rot. Do not overwater them in winters, as during this period, the daisies go inactive and need just a light spray once a month.

Fertilise Gerbera Daisies Occasionally

To keep your gerberas blossoming well all year long, provide them with a water-soluble fertiliser every month or two. This flowering plant thrives in moist, fertilised soil. Thus, feed them with a micronutrient-rich liquid plant fertiliser.

If it Gets Too Cold, Bring Them Inside

When it comes to maintaining the ideal temperature, humidity and moisture levels for Gerbera Daisy, it should be neither too high nor too low. The temperature should be anywhere between 40ºF and 75ºF.

Provide Excellent Drainage to your Plant

If Gerbera Daisy soaks the soil for long, it will welcome crown rot and croak before your eyes. Therefore, grow it into a pot that you can fill with fast-draining potting soil. If the saucer gets filled with water, empty it as soon as possible.

Some Extra Care Tips to Tend Gerbera Daisy with Love:

  • Re-cut the stems at a 45-degree angle keeping them in warm water to enhance water uptake.
  • Change water every 3-4 days to avoid the build-up of bacteria and early wilting.
  • It’s advised to use filtered water.
  • Take care not to place the gerbera flower away from ripening fruits and vegetables as they give out ethylene.