What are the Health & Nutritional Benefits of Hibiscus Flower?

Flowers charm, woo, lighten the mood and captivate us with their wonderful fragrances. One such flower is the Hibiscus plant! It is an impressive, exotic and trumpet-shaped flower that has been gracing our earth for aeons now. Other than being an ornamental plant and adding a tropical flair, Hibiscus’ seeds, leaves, flowers and stems are utilised in food and traditional medicine. Let’s take a look at the ways in which the Hibiscus flower can be beneficial for your health:

Benefits of Hibiscus Flower

Tastes Delicious

The flower has a fruity, tangy and sweet flavour that makes it a great tea additive. You can enjoy it hot or iced. The Hibiscus tea contains Vitamin C and other antioxidants that are helpful in lowering blood pressure, improving liver health, reducing the levels of cholesterol and many more.

Improves Heart Health

Several lab studies and evidence have shown that the Hibiscus flower can improve the health of your heart. Researchers mention anthocyanins as the compounds responsible for numerous health benefits of hibiscus.

May Cut Blood Pressure

The studies have proved that drinking 2-3 cups of Hibiscus tea in a day cuts down blood pressure efficiently. Hibiscus tea has proven to lower blood pressure in a study of done on people with mild hypertension. The subjects were not on any blood pressure medicine. Therefore, after drinking the tea ~three times/day, both their systolic and diastolic readings came down significantly.

Improves the Growth of Hair

You must have even seen your mom adding Hibiscus powder/crushed Hibiscus leaves when preparing any homemade hair pack. This promotes healthy and lustrous hair growth. Besides, it also strengthens the hair. So, if you want the healthy growth of your mane, you can place your bet on the Hibiscus flower.

Immunity Booster

The extracts from the Hibiscus flower are said to restore T and B cells in the body - the ones which fight infections. So, make it a habit of having a cup of hibiscus tea daily to strengthen your body’s immunity and stamina.