Valentine’s Day Superstitions Around the World

With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, shops across cities are flooded with a myriad of gifts such as heart-shaped candies, soft toys, balloons and delectable chocolates. However, V-Day is not all just a bed of roses. Other than different Valentine’s Day traditions, there are many superstitions and beliefs associated with this love-laden occasion that vary geographically. Here is a collection of the most popular Valentine's Day superstitions.

Valentine’s Day Superstitions Around the World
  • Though birds have nothing to do much with the day of romance, seeing different birds on V-Day could mean different things. For example, those who notice a goldfinch will marry a millionaire. While ladies who spot a sparrow are likely to become Mrs to a poor man. If you see a squirrel, you’ll marry a cheapskate who will put away all your money. If you spot a dove, you will have a happy and peaceful marriage. Rest, don’t look out for owls since it indicates the spectator will, unfortunately, remain a spinster.
  • According to some studies, the food you eat on Valentine’s Day could also play some part in affecting your future. For instance, noodles can give you the perk of a long life. But the condition involved is to slurp the whole strand in without breaking it to make the myth come true. In fruits, pomegranates are associated with fertility and abundance, while the seeds of an apple represent how many children you are going to have.
  • On this day of love, if you find a glove on the side of the road, chances are your future flame might have the other missing glove.
  • The very first name you will see in the newspaper or come across over the radio or television will be your future spouse’s name.
  • On Valentine’s Day Eve, if you are single and pins a sprig of rosemary inside your pillow, you will see dreams of your future spouse.