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Unique Valentine’s Day Traditions across the World

unique valentine's day tradition across the world

There is one day dedicated to the feeling of love and romance and couples celebrate this day with much excitement. But do you know that there are traditions regarding this day? For example, in India, you will see shops and malls filled with heart-shaped balloons and other lovey-dovey gifts but in Romania, there is a tradition of couples going to the forest and picking flowers. Isn’t that amazing?

Know many such astonishing Valentine’s Day traditions across the world.


Valentine in Slovenia

St. Valentine is believed to be one of the patron saints of the spring season. People there believe that on 14th February plants start to regrow as this day marks the 1st day of working on the fields for the New Year. They also believe that birds propose to each other on this day and you may find a glimpse of that if you walk bare feet on fields (that are frozen).


Valentines England

Apart from sending Valentine’s Day gifts to UK, you must know something more about the valentine’s traditions of England. That may help you in knowing the culture of that place in a better way. Here in England, women used to place five bay leaves on their pillows that were believed to bring dreams about their future husbands. Isn’t that interesting?


Philippines Valentines

If your boyfriend/girlfriend/husband/wife stays in the Philippines, then, you must have heard from him/her that here the government sponsors an event as a form of public service to help young couples marry. All the young hearts in love attend this gala event.

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Valentine's in France

The world capital of love, Paris happens to be the country capital of France. So, you must be prepared for a memorable Valentine’s Day in France. It is said that the Duke of Orleans sent love letters to his wife while he was in prison and that’s when the Valentine’s Day card originated. There is a French village “Valentine” and that has beautiful yards and homes. People decorate their homes with love cards, roses, and marriage flakes. That is perhaps the most amazing Valentine tradition in the whole world.

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Southwest China

China Valentines

In Southwest China, Miao, people celebrate Valentine’s Day on 15th March. Women wear silver accessories and cook various dishes of coloured rice. The sweet ladies offer these rice dishes on silk fabric to young men walking on roads. If the rice dish contains a clove of garlic inside then it means love is over even before it has begun. In case there are two chopsticks then it means pure love.


Bulgaria Valentine

On 14th February, Bulgaria celebrates San Trifon Zartan. That means a “day of winemakers”. On this day all the young and old couples celebrate their love relationship with a glass of local wine.


Spain in Valentine's Day

In Spain, people celebrate Valentine’s Day on 9th October and the name of this day is the feast of Saint Dionysus. Men make “macadora” – a marzipan figurine and gift it to their female companions. The wonderful people of Spain also organise colourful parades on the streets that are a delight to the eyes.

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