Top 6 Flowers That Bloom All Year Long

Flowers are the backbone of a garden. The pops of colours, beauty and sweet-smelling fragrances fill our senses with delight. The sight brightens even the darkest days of the year and even attracts the feathered creatures. But let’s face it - accomplishing a blooming garden all year long can be difficult if you nurture only annual plants. Want a garden that stays beautiful all year long? Below we have put together the list of top 6 flowers that bloom all year long and will turn your garden into a visual delight.

Top 6 Flowers That Bloom All Year Long


If you are in need of a year-long floral fiesta, you should not miss out on Bougainvillaea. This beautiful, attractive and admirable flowering plant features paper-like petals that look extremely pretty. Depending on the variety and species, this climber plant can grow aggressively against a fence, building, container, in the form of a tree or even as Bonsai.


They paint the land with vibrant shades and offer much-needed beauty, with little maintenance. Asters are the star-shaped blooms that will enliven your garden like no other. They last all year, are highly attractive to pollinators and are easy to take care of.


Chrysanthemums are popular year-round flowers that come in a variety of shapes, sizes, styles and colours. They also make a nice decorative gift plant as different coloured Chrysanthemums convey different meanings.


Carnations are all-season flowers that are known as the epitome of gorgeousness. The flower is available in a myriad of hues that conveys different feelings. They also make an excellent bouquet flower. These perennials are not only stunning and long-lasting but also carry several medicinal properties.

Black-Eyed Susan

Featuring yellow-golden petals and dark centres, Black-Eyed Susan is a hardy perennial that can handle varying weather conditions and are easy to look after. The flower comes in different varieties. Some of them will bloom just for one season, while some will continue to pop up year after year. Henceforth, it is important to consider its variety when choosing the one for your garden.


When provided the right care, primroses blossom continually throughout the year. The flower is available in different varieties, with English primrose being the popular choice. Also, primroses bloom best in the winter.