Top 5 Non-Fragrant Flowers in India

In this world, there are two types of people - those who stop and smell the roses and those who enjoy the sight of lovely blooms but can’t stand their fragrance. Not everyone is a fan of strong-smelling flowers. But thank goodness, for the latter, there is an abundance of non-fragrant flower varieties out there. So, if you have allergies or mild sensitivity to the smell of flowers, check out the list of bright, attractive and fragrance-free flowers:

Flowers in India

Calla Lilies

Callas are beautiful, dramatic blooms that are available in an unusual set of colours including black, maroon, red and white. Unlike its other scented cousins, calla lilies do not have any scent, hence they make a wonderful alternative to those who are inclined more towards the appearance of the flowers.


We are sure that you might not be expecting Ranunculus flowers on this list of non-fragrant blooms. A vibrant and versatile flower, Ranunculus are perfect for those who are pretty sensitive to scent. They are absolutely eye-catching and carry no scent that will upset any nose or allergies.


Amaryllis are those exquisite flowers that are best known for their visually dazzling and velvety trumpet-like blooms. They aren’t absolutely devoid of fragrance but carry a mild, delicate and sweet scent that will work just fine for people who aren’t into the ‘aroma’ business.


Sunflower is among the most popular flowers that are not only easy to grow but are also visually appealing. In fact, there is barely a garden or field without this tall beauty. However, as inviting, bright and cheery as these blooms are, they don’t carry any fragrance. Altogether, there is no overpowering aroma when it comes to sunflowers.


The last one on our list of bountiful but non-fragrant blooms is Dahlias. Though most Dahlia blossoms have no fragrance, its stem does carry a captivating smell. Therefore, for those who want to enjoy breathtaking blooms minus the scent part, Dahlias is the answer!