Top 5 Dehumidifier Plants that Maintain Indoor Humidity Levels

Plants are highly important for all living beings on the planet. Their benefits are quite a well-known aspect. Among others, one of their best benefits is that they can reduce humidity indoors. Though there are appliances like dehumidifiers that can do the job in your home, to a certain extent, plants are something natural and more effective. They absorb water from their surroundings and release moisture back via transpiration. Transform your space into a comfortable, calming haven by bringing in the element of nature that will cut down indoor humidity. Here is information about some of nature's best dehumidifiers.

Dehumidifier Plants That Maintain Indoor Humidity Levels

Peace Lily

White flowers, glossy leaves and beautiful deep green foliage, Peace Lily is a popular plant that is known to maintain ideal indoor humidity levels. Despite their leaves being watered, it absorbs the moisture from the surrounding environment perfectly. Not only is it an excellent humidity absorbing plant but also purifies the air of the room and makes a beautiful addition to your plant collection. The best part? Since it is native to tropical regions, they thrive in high humidity conditions and are easy to care for.

Spider Plant

Spider Plant is impressive to look at and is a low maintenance plant that fixes the humidity indoors with perfection. What makes it the centre of attraction than other plants is its ability to survive & thrive well in little to low light. Moreover, it can fix up to 90% of harmful air pollutants inside the house. If you’re looking to buy indoor plants online that doesn’t require much of an investment, we swear by Spider Plant.

English Ivy

Another houseplant on the list is English Ivy that reduces moisture in the air effortlessly. It is particularly effective in getting rid of airborne moulds which grow in humid areas inside your home. An evergreen plant can also absorb formaldehyde that can be found especially in furniture, cleaning products, carpet treatments chemicals, etc. The key advantage of buying English Ivy other than controlling humidity is that it requires minimal sunlight and moist soil to thrive.


Tillandsia steals the show when it comes to being the perfect dehumidifying plant. This particular plant lives off the nutrients and moisture in the air absorbed by its leaves. Place this plant at a place that receives filtered sunlight all day long. Also, it needs to be watered at least two to three times a week in order to survive.

Boston Fern

Boston Ferns are at the cream of the crop when it comes to maintaining suitable humidity levels. They get rid of the stickiness from the atmosphere and balance out the moisture level indoors. Since they flourish best in moist and damp conditions, they make an ideal houseplant in areas with high humidity. Apart from being an effective dehumidifier plant, it is an eye-grabbing beauty that won’t disappoint.