Things to do at the Sikkim International Flower Festival

If you look the right way, you can see that the whole world is a garden.

- Frances Hodgson Burnett

And if you wish to witness the most beautiful gift of nature including lovely flowerbeds, gorgeous blooms and meticulous landscaping, then Sikkim is your oyster! Sikkim, the beautiful land of mystic grandeur in India, boasts of the International Flower Festival in its rugged terrains. The north-eastern state of India is home to thousands of indigenous varieties of hued-flora including hundred of species of orchids, trees, ferns, roses, rhododendrons and whatnot. The International Flower Festival exhibits a spectacular show of different species of flowers, brilliant landscape and also an extensive array of garden retail products from different parts of India. Keep reading to know more about this event.

Sikkim International Flower Festival

When is it Celebrated?

A fabulous affair of thirty days, the Sikkim International Flower and Garden Festival is organised during the peak season of blossoming (April/May). With a stunning backdrop of towering mountains and greenery all around, the festival welcomes the spring-like atmosphere within the cold regions of the state.

What is the Festival All About?

Organised by the Tourism Department of the Sikkim government, the aim of the festival is to celebrate the diverse species of flowers, especially those that are native to the state. The festival is a treat to those interested in Horticulture, or who can never get enough of flowers. The festival is the perfect time to get close to nature.

However, the festival is not just the embodiment of graceful and beautiful flowers. It also witnesses tons of lectures and seminars by renowned botanical scientists. This is done to mushroom some knowledge on the topic.

Other than lectures and a beautiful nature stroll, there is also a food festival where food connoisseurs can delve into the traditional and local delicacies & cuisines of Sikkim. The flower decoration and gardening techniques are also prime attractions of the festival among others. You can also surf in river rafting where the adrenaline addicts can enjoy to their heart’s content. Apart from these, this mountainous region of the Himalayas is a haven for adventurous sports and journeys. A complete package in one place we must say!