Living Room Decoration Ideas Using Plants

To liven up your living room, let the exotic emerald green shade of plants embrace it. Indoor plants are aesthetically pleasing and purify the air. The plants will instantly make your living room more appealing and welcoming. Adorning your living room with beautiful potted plants instead of lifeless sculptures is the new trend. Enhancing the beauty of your lonely corners in the living requires stunning potted plants. For helping you with ideation part, here is a curated guide of Living room decoration ideas using plants. Keep reading and start implying these trendy ideas to brighten up your living room!

Plants for office

Mix it Up

Instead of keeping one plant, get fancy pots with indoor plants and add them to any corner. Keep three or four plants with gorgeous planters in the corner that are visible from your couch. You can adorn your corner with plants like Money Plant, Snake Plant and more.

Beside the Sofa

Keep a large plant in a white planter beside your sofa. The side of the sofa and couches are the most neglected part, and you can get an Areca Plant or a Dracaena to add a splash of green to it.

Rack it Up

Make space on the shelf and racks and add plants like peace lily, ferns, Jade Plant and more. Add books, chic decoration pieces and plants to your shelves, and turn the dull spot to a lively one.

Get a Bench

For the corner that has perfect light, get a chic wooden bench for it. Get plants of all sizes and put them on the bench to instantly make it a beautiful spot. You can use plants like Money Plants, Bamboo Plants, Snake Plants, and more on the bench.

Hang the Plants

Do you have a big window in your living room? If yes, then get spectacular hanging pots and small plants. Plants hanging at the window adds a soothing and refreshing effect to the living room.

Get Floating Plants

Once you have decorated your living room with the hanging plants, the next step is to get one or two floating plants that come with outstanding bowls and vases. Add these floating plants to the side table and make people wonder from where you got them.

These Living room decoration ideas using plants will indeed make your classy settings more pleasing. A mix of stylish furniture and the right greens will change the whole appearance of your living room. Get ready to be part of the people who have scintillating living room decor by welcoming potted buddies!