Know these Flower-Giving Etiquettes in Different Parts of the World

Mankind has been using flowers for aeons to communicate a variety of feelings and emotions. They can be rightfully called emojis from ancient times that are prevalent even today. While giving-out flowers on different occasions, including birthdays, weddings, housewarming parties, Diwali and more is a common practice, there are several customs and etiquettes involved that vary from one place to another. So, if you don’t want your flower-giving moment to be a bummer, here’s a rundown of flower-giving etiquettes around the world. Take a good read at them!

Flower Giving

Latin America

When in Latin America, avoid handing out purple flowers as the colour is strictly reserved for funerals in most of the countries in the region. For example, in Mexico, an all-white flower arrangement is ideal when attending a dinner party. And since it’s considered rude to show up to a dinner party empty-handed, make sure to bring some flowers during dinner when in Argentina. Also, steer away from red and yellow flowers as they are associated with black magic.


Flower gifting in Japan can be a little tricky for you need to be careful with the colours and types you choose. For example, if someone close to you is sick, it is customary to present them with flowers. Go for red-coloured flowers as they have a positive meaning. Do not give potted plants for this could mean their illness would worsen.


Flowers, as a gift, are strictly limited to the sick, for a funeral or wedding gift. For a funeral, go for a bright-coloured floral basket arrangement and send it to them a week prior to show you are thinking of them. When going to weddings, show up with a bouquet of roses, water lilies, iris or chrysanthemums.


When in Brazil, stop & smell the roses and limit them to romantic interactions only. Ensure that on initial dinner dates, choose to give a single rose before or after the meeting.Also, when invited to a dinner party, a potted plant is considered a well-accepted idea compared to flowers. This is primarily because the host doesn’t have to find a vase to display your flowers.


Indians are also big fans of giving flowers as a gift. Floral gifts are appropriate for pretty much every event and occasion including Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Birthdays, etc. and a great way to show someone you care. Go for bright-coloured blooms on any occasion you want, except for funerals and business meetings.


The Russians have a great adoration for flowers. In fact, they can’t have enough of them. Here, it’s customary to gift a bouquet made up of odd numbers provided you’re not at a funeral. Furthermore, if you are bringing flowers for your date, the depth of their colour can express the depth of the relationship.


Florals in France make a great gift for a host or hostess. Since different kinds of flowers convey different meanings in French culture, it is important to be mindful when giving them out. For example, hand out a bouquet of pink roses as a hostess gift. Do not gift red carnations as they give out a message of ill will. Limit lilies and chrysanthemums for funerals.