Keeping your Houseplants Happy With the Changing Weather

Even if they are year-round houseplants, they can be affected by changes in weather. The case holds true, especially during winter. Given the cold & drier air, rainy spells, shorter days and less light, your green babies might struggle to endure these challenging winter conditions. In such a situation, switching your plant care routine will help your houseplants handle seasonal stressors. On that note, follow the steps below to keep your indoor plants alive and thriving.

happy houseplants

Reduce the Watering

Since their growth rate is significantly slower during the transition month, your plants won’t require much water. Look out for signs like soggy soil or foliage turning yellow to water accordingly. Also, it is recommended to use lukewarm water.

Give them a Bath

Since the sun is in short supply during winter, clean the leaves of your houseplants well. Use a damp cloth/towel and wipe all the dust, debris and grime off the leaves. This will not only help get rid of unwanted pests but also make your plants more efficient at photosynthesis.

Keep them Warm… But not Too Much

Protecting your houseplants against cold air is of utmost importance as a temperature drop can prove harmful. One way to effectively do so is by keeping them away from drafts, leaky windowsills, heating vents, radiators and open windows.

Plan their Diet Suitably and Wisely

Plants do not grow that actively during winters, therefore they don’t require much fertiliser. This is primarily because they tend to rest during this period. Hence, it’s best to cut down the food and additional nutrients until Spring.

Shower them with Lots of Love & Light

As the days get shorter and the sunlight is scarce, try to give your plants as much light as possible. Move them closer to the natural light source or, if it’s not enough, keep them under full-spectrum light bulbs. During the daytime, you would have to rotate/shift your pots to ensure all your plants get the sunlight they need.