Why Don't you Introduce your Garden to These Jasmine Flowers?

Fantasised for its enchanting white colour, wonderful scent and exquisite beauty, Jasmine is a stunning flower that is not only common in every Indian household but also holds high spiritual significance. This sweet-smelling ornamental flower is considered to be a symbol of good luck, hope and cheerfulness. In fact, according to the research, the sweet fragrance of jasmine flowers can help with insomnia or other sleep-related disorders. But do you know your favourite flower has innumerable other varieties too? Read on to find different Jasmine varieties that you can introduce to your garden and accentuate its beauty.

Why Don't you Introduce your Garden to These Jasmine Flowers

Common Jasmine

Also referred to as Poet’s Jasmine, Summer Jasmine or True Jasmine, Common jasmine is among the most fragrant types of Jasmine. The state flower of Pakistan, Common Jasmine features five petals with intense fragrance and blooms heavily during summers. This type is the deciduous climber that looks great on archways and entryways.

Showy Jasmine

The showy Jasmine features beautiful yellow-hued blooms. This fast-growing shrub can grow up to four feet tall and thus, does a good job of beautifying the arbour and trellis. This variety grows well throughout summer and spring.

Arabian Jasmine

Arabian Jasmine is the national flower of the Philippines. It does well in partial sunlight and has multiple layers of intensely fragrant flowers. This type of Jasmine is used to make tea.

Dwarf Jasmine

As the name suggests, this flower is called so because of its small height. They grow at most 1 foot in height. This tiny shrub showcases five petals of yellow flowers. These ornamental fragrant flowers grow in clumps and are used in bouquets or as topiary.

Coral Jasmine

Also known as the ‘tree of sorrow’, Coral Jasmine is that rare night-flowering Jasmine flower that is found majorly in the parts of South Asia - Bengal, Jammu & Kashmir, Thailand and Tripura. This variety blooms only at night and withers during the daybreak.

Pink Jasmine

A native Chinese variety, Pink Jasmine features a cluster of pretty and fragrant pinkish-white flowers that is known for its strong and sweet notes. This is the most popular type of Jasmine flower as it is easy to maintain and sturdy enough to avoid little negligence.