Interesting Flower Superstitions Around the World

Over the centuries, flowers have been used as a messenger of hundreds of human emotions. They beautifully communicate a number of feelings via their different shapes, colours and arrangements. Besides, just like there are a wealth of meanings associated with different types of flowers, so are the superstitions. Yes! You might be surprised to hear the same but there are several cool and curious superstitions surrounding flowers. Read along to learn some interesting & bizarre flower superstitions from all around the world.

Interesting Flower

May the Odds Be in your Favour

Some cultures believe that flowers and numerology go hand in hand. For example, a bouquet with an even number of flowers is believed to be associated with death. Therefore, such flower arrangements are ideal to commemorate the dead.

Lucky Number 13

While the number 13 is considered unlucky, the case is not applicable when it comes to flowers. Poppies, one of the most adored flowers, were once believed to bring a good crop to farmers and help the recipient forget their worries. Hence, when presenting the bouquet of poppies, make sure it has only 13 stems. Any more or less stem is apparently a piece of bad luck.

Witch, Witch, Get Bewitch

Apart from being a popular fall and October birth flower, Marigolds were once believed to ward off evil spirits and provide protection against witchcraft & bad luck. And that’s not all! Since marigolds have aphrodisiac properties, they make a great addition to wedding bouquets.

Blue vs. Pink

Oh-so-satisfying and magnificent, Orchids were used to control the gender of the baby. As per some age-old flower superstitions, if a pregnant woman consumes the orchids’ tubers, she will give birth to a baby girl. However, if the same is consumed by her husband, the couple will be blessed with a baby boy.

Performers’ Bouquet

When giving out a bouquet to any performer, it’s ideal to save it for last. Flower superstitions believe that gifting a bouquet to the performer before a performance is a bad luck.

Roses for Good Luck

Roses not only make a popular romantic bouquet but are also powerful enough to attract good luck. One way to do that is by burning rose leaves by making a fire. Moreover, people believe that planting a rose bush next to the grave of a dear one will protect the soul against evil spirits.

Future Prediction with Dandelions

Dandelions can predict the number of children you will have. Simply blow a dandelion seed head in a single breath and the number of remaining seeds will tell the number of children you’ll have. While another version says that when you blow the seeds into the wind, the remaining seeds are the years you have to wait to get married.