How to Use Rosemary in Different Ways?

Rosemary, derived from the ‘Ros’ and ‘Marinus’ meaning ‘Dew’ and ‘Sea’ respectively, is a popular shrub that is unique and aromatic. Given its fragrance and flavour, the herb and its oil are widely utilised for medicinal, beauty, culinary, spiritual and ornamental purposes. Here are the 6 most unique ways to use rosemary.

How to Use Rosemary in Different Ways

Rosemary Essential Oil

The herb can be infused into essential oil and in turn, gives out n-number of potential benefits. Even 3-4 drops of rosemary oil is enough to scent your home or bath. Rosemary as an essential oil is valued for its restorative and healing properties. It’s great to stimulate hair growth, relieve shoulder pain, ease stress and improve brain function.

Ward Off Bugs

Rosemary has the ability to repel flies and mosquitoes. Its pungent and woody scent is capable of buzzing off many types of bugs. Put a few of its sprigs near the windows, grills or tableside and watch the bugs fly away. This makes it a great resource for picnics/outdoor gatherings.

Air Freshener

Since rosemary smells great, it is used a lot as an air freshener. Take a sterilised spray bottle, fresh rosemary, olive oil and turn it into a spritz. Enjoy the strong yet sweet scent with every single spray.


Other than having distinctive fragrance and healing powers, Rosemary is quite pretty to look at. It can uniquely beautify your home as well as your food. You can use this versatile shrub creatively and appealingly as a festive decoration (Rosemary garlands and wreaths) and DIY gift making.

Bath Salt

Adding bath salts while taking a bath is a great way to soften and exfoliate skin and soothe sore muscles. You can easily use rosemary to make amazing-smelling bath salts at home. Its wonderful smell will help you relax and smell great for hours after. To make Rosemary bath salts, all you need is Epsom salt, baking soda, rosemary essential and any carrier oil.

Dryer Balls

Due to its strong and aromantic scent, Rosemary is the best herb for dryer balls. Add a few of its sprigs into a mesh bag, toss it in the dryer and have your laundry come out smelling amazing.