How do Roses & Spray Roses Differ from Each Other

What’s the very first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the word ‘flower’? The majority of people would say roses. Such is the power of this blossom! They are an epitome of beauty, fragrance & elegance and thus, make a gorgeous addition to any garden or a gift. But do you know your favourite bloom has a twin too though not in the real sense? Other than the traditional ones, there exist spray roses too. Though they look like normal roses, they share some differences with their larger kin. Know how roses and spray roses differ from each other below -

Roses and Spray Roses

How to Distinguish Spray Roses from Traditional Ones?

When you think of a rose, a picture of a long, thorny stem with a stunning bloom pops into your head. Well, spray roses are a little different. Here're a few notable differences between the two-

Size of the Blooms: Spray roses are usually smaller in size. Unlike regular roses that have fewer petals (4-8), the spray varieties have tiny and multiple petals (up to 45) on a single flower and a shorter stem.

Flower Structure: Classic roses feature long, sturdy stems while the stem of spray roses is short and fragile. Also, the former has thicker and more durable petals as compared to Spray roses which have smaller petals and shorter stems.

Price Point: Spray roses are on the more expensive side than standard roses as the former are commercially viable flowers that have a longer shelf life and are cultivated on a larger scale.

Meaning & Usage

The traditional roses are a universal symbol of romantic love. For this and many more reasons, they are immensely popular on occasions like Valentine's Day and Birthdays. On the other hand, this miniature version of roses is an all-purpose flower that is used to create vibrant and fulfilling centrepieces and wrist corsages. Spray roses are often paired with other flowers to create a lush and beautiful arrangement in bigger bouquets.