Grow these Chocolate-Scented Flowers for your Love of Chocolates

Chocolate flowers? It might be sounding something straight from Willy Wonka's chocolate factory, isn't it? Truth be told - nature has blessed us with a wealth of chocolate-scented flowers that are perfect for those whose love for chocolates knows no bounds. Even if chocolates are off-limits for you, these flowers will add cocoa bliss to your casa and give you the exact feel. Take a look at the blooms that will allow you to indulge in the rich colour and aroma of chocolate -

Chocolate Scented Flowers

Chocolate Vine

In a lovely garden full of Vines; make room for a chocolate-scented one for that divine experience. Akebia Quinata is a hardy, semi-deciduous and chocolate-scented vine that can soar as long as 40 feet and thus, can easily take over an entire garden. The vine also becomes a nest for beautiful purple, white and rose flowers during early Spring.

Chocolate Mint Plant

A great indoor and outdoor plant, chocolate mint is a fragrant plant that is often used as a herb and adds extra flavours to drinks, desserts and even salads. A low-maintenance plant, the chocolate mint plant is quite fuss-free and features lovely pink flowers in late spring and mid-summer.

Chocolate Cosmos

As fascinating as its name is, so is its nature! Chocolate cosmos, or Cosmos Astronguineus, is another chocolate-scented flower that will give all the right filling to your garden. It features burgundy-maroon flowers that walk, talk, smell and look like chocolaty goodness. It is frost sensitive and does well in full or partial sun.

Himalayan honeysuckle

Though Himalayan honeysuckle looks like a vine, it is actually a shrub that grows up to 8 feet tall. Featuring dark maroon to brown flowers, Himalayan honeysuckle produces edible berries that are known to have a chocolate-caramel flavour. Often, the plant flowers and produces fruit simultaneously, adding more to its beauty.

Berlandiera Lyrata

Also known as chocolate flower and chocolate daisy, Berlandiera Lyrata carries a strong and rich chocolaty fragrance. It is a yellow-flowering plant (with gorgeous red undersides) that blooms from spring until fall. Its aroma not only attracts humans but works as a lure for bees and butterflies. To get the best blooms, water regularly and thoroughly.