Flowers that Mix with Carnations Perfectly

Make way for the trendiest flower of current times, Carnations! Yes, they are popular these days and florists are quite fond of their beauty and structure. These flowers have a big head and multiple ruffled petals that add a bounce to the whole bouquet. So, wherever they are used, carnations become the star of the show! But if you are wondering what other flowers will look great with carnations and will make the whole arrangement impressive, check out our list below -

Flowers that Mix with Carnations


It's wonderful how the ruffled carnation heads contrast so nicely with the silky rose petals. With their unique shapes, carnations and roses put together a stunning show. For instance, a white carnation goes incredibly well with roses that are yellow, red or pink. On the other hand, lavender carnations can give your arrangements a little more colour and tone when paired with subtle coloured roses.


Chrysanthemums can also be an ideal pick for your arrangements as it pairs well with carnations and gives your arrangement a lusher and fuller look. For example, a stunning white and green bouquet can be made by combining white carnations, white chrysanthemums and some seeded eucalyptus.

Baby’s Breath

Baby's Breath flowers have always had a unique knack for making any flower arrangement mesmerising. When used in the right colour and amount, Baby's Breath elevates the whole appearance of your arrangements. And since these flowers come in multiple colours, many lovely combinations of flower arrangements can be made with carnations and Baby’s Breath.


Lilies and carnations make an attractive combination. The star form of the Lily will add shine and unique style to your arrangement. Since lilies are light in colour, try to use darker shades of carnations like red, pink, and yellow to make your bouquet look vibrant.

Gerbera Daisy

The gerbera daisy has adorable tiny buttons in the middle which makes it perfect to pair with carnation. Adding your carnations with gerbera daisies in bouquets gives the arrangements a vibrant and vivacious appeal. Whether you choose to go for the same colours or different ones, both of the flowers will just sync with each other like soulmates.