Effective Vastu Tips for Study Room

The importance of Vastu Shastra to maintain a positive balance in life and radiate good vibes is well known. A person prospers under the influence of specific energies and attracts happiness, growth, success and peace. It is of paramount importance to follow some Vastu rules at home to live a happy and peaceful life. Of all the places at home, the study room is one such place where we spend most of our time. It is a place where we sit with a calm and composed mind; a place where the retention power of the brain is increased, and you can study or focus on your work comfortably. Therefore, one should not overlook the rules and regulations of Vastu for study rooms since it is the energy and flow that will better the concentration. Here’re a few Vastu tips for the study area:

Vastu Tips for Study Room
  • According to study room Vastu, it should ideally be located in the east, north or northeast direction. The person should also face this direction while studying as it helps to get in the zone. It is advised to keep the door also in this direction. Rest, the south direction is off-limits.
  • One should not sit under the beam with their books. Books and other study material should be kept in the south.
  • All the rewards, trophies, medals, certificates and posters should be on display on the North or East wall. Do not pile up the books on the study table. Just keep them in a closed cabinet.
  • The room should have only four corners. Anything more than that will cause mental obstructions or problems.
  • The shape of the study table should be either rectangular (≤ 1:2) or square. The size should neither be too big nor too small. The table shouldn’t have sharp edges as it attracts negativity.
  • Also, avoid using glass in your study table. Instead, use good quality wood.
  • Leave a slight gap between the adjoining walls and the study table for circulation of energies.
  • Placing a pyramid or a crystal globe on or near the study table to balance the energy, increase memory power and yield good results. You can also mount a pendulum watch on the North wall. You may put indoor Vastu plants like money plants or bamboo plants to usher in health and happiness.
  • Get rid of any broken clock, watch, pen or furniture in the room as it attracts negative energies.
  • Paint the room with neutral, pastel or subtle shades. Off white, pale yellow, violet, pastel green and ivory are some of the positive colours for the study room.

Also, Things to Avoid:

  • Never choose a room below a toilet as the study room.
  • Avoid having a beam or cabinet right above the head.
  • Don’t use black or darker colours to avoid attracting an unfavourable aura.
  • Don’t place a mirror, a bed or television as they cause distraction.