Do You Know About These Diwali Traditions?

Diwali is one of the most anticipated festivals that is marked by delicious foods, glistening rows of lamps and happiness. The festival marks the triumph of light over darkness and hope over despair. The festival, which is observed mainly by Hindus, Sikhs and Jains, usually lasts five days. The first day is called Dhanteras when people decorate their homes and purchase some gold or silver items to welcome good fortune. The second day is Narak Chaturdashi where people decorate their home with rangolis and clay lamps, perform a small prayer at home and exchange sweets with friends or family. The third day, Lakshmi Puja, is the main event when prayers are offered to Lakshmi Ji and Ganesh Ji, followed by a feast, fireworks and togetherness. The fourth day, Padwa, is followed by gift-exchanging between friends and families. The fifth day is Bhai Dooj that celebrates the eternal bond between brothers and sisters. Though the spirit of celebration is the same everywhere, people across the country celebrate Diwali based on their individual cultures and traditions. Let’s know how different regions and religions welcome Diwali.

Do You Know About These Diwali Traditions
  • In West Bengal, people celebrate Diwali as Kali Puja where people offer hibiscus flowers, meat, fish, etc. to Goddess Kali.
  • In Odisha, people worship their ancestors and burn the sticks of jute for wisdom & seek blessings.
  • In the northern part of the country, Diwali here is celebrated to mark the return of Lord Rama after an exile of 14 years. People light up their houses with diyas. They pray to Goddess Lakshmi and Lord Ganesha for health, wealth and prosperity both at home and at their place of work. Corporate Diwali gifts are exchanged to better business relations and bring about harmony. Sikhs go to gurudwaras and Hindus go to temples once the rituals are completed.
  • For Jains, Diwali is a day of remembrance of Lord Mahavir and his teachings. Lord Mahavir attained Moksha, also known as complete knowledge and enlightenment. This is the day of the New Year for the Jains as they follow the path of ‘Live and Let Live’ as preached by the Lord.
  • South Indians take bath in oil and eat sweets to celebrate Deepavali. In some parts, newlyweds stay at the parental house of the bride during this festival.
  • People of Andhra Pradesh seek blessings of Goddess Satyabhama whereas the people of Karnataka celebrate Ashwija Krishna Chaturdashi and Bali Padyami on Deepavali.
  • The festivities in the western part of India last between 4 to 5 days. People in Maharashtra celebrate Diwali with light, crackers and sweets. Their special, traditional Diwali food is Faral.
  • The people of Gujarat celebrate Dhanteras on a grand scale. The women apply kajal made from the flame of the diyas to welcome good luck and prosperity.

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