5 Plants That Will Help You Survive in the Wild

In the highly unlikely event of you being stranded in the middle of nowhere, with no plausible survival-friendly resources at hand, these following plants will come in handy. Make sure to be able to positively identify them before consuming since toxic plants are abundant in the wild and in some cases, might imitate the characteristics of these below-mentioned plants:

5 Plants That Will Help You Survive in the Wild


They can be usually found near the edges of water bodies in the wild and are believed to have been a staple in the diets of Native Americans. The whole plant is edible and so you can boil it or roast it over a fire. The top of the plant looks like a hotdog and can be eaten similar to how you would eat corn on the cob. The stems are sturdy enough to be woven into baskets and blankets.

Balsam Root

They have arrow-shaped leaves with bright yellow flowers, almost similar to sunflowers. Because of this, they are also called ‘Arrowleaves’. They grow year-round and the whole plant is edible either raw or cooked. The seeds can be roasted and even be ground into flour. The plant, in general, has a very high fibre content and its sap can also be used as a disinfectant. Another interesting fact is how this plant is highly drought and fire resistant in nature because of its incredible capability to regenerate from the roots.


Burdocks aren’t native to any single place anymore. They can be found everywhere in the world. They have big green bitter leaves and purple flowers. It is popular for its medicinal uses including purifying blood, killing germs and reducing fever. The leaves can be boiled over and over to make them lose their bitter taste while the roots must be boiled and peeled before being eaten. It is recommended to only have this plant in moderation, especially in the wild, since it can cause high urine output and eventually, dehydration.


Thistles can vary in appearance in different parts of the world but one thing that is common in all of them is their prickly leaves and skinny stems. They are an excellent survival food and have been deemed ‘tasty’ by people who’ve tried them. The taste is said to imitate that of Celery. The plant can be consumed both raw or cooked. Their roots can develop a sugary taste when roasted.


A beautiful and often romanticised in books and movies, Dandelions are a type of weed that can be found everywhere in the world. Almost all of the plant is edible except for its stem, which produces a milky substance when cooked. The flowers are often used as a garnish in gourmet dishes. In the wild, look for plants without the flower as they’re supposed to be less bitter and high in vitamins. If you decide to boil the leaves, the remaining water can be consumed as tea.