5 DIY Creative Ideas With Newspapers

Newspapers crafts are super easy and environment-friendly. Using old newspapers and creating masterpieces is the best way to channelise your inner creative side. Here are DIY creative ideas with newspapers that you can try. These ideas are quite easy and will lead to stunning crafts with which you can deck up your home!

5 DIY Creative Ideas with Newspapers

Wrap Gifts

One of the best ideas is to go all creative and cover gifts with the newspaper. You can use pastel colours to paint the newspaper and then, cover the gift.

Letter Wall Decor

You can even create a letter wall decor piece with old newspapers. Get a wooden block in the shape of a letter and cover it with a newspaper. You can either paint the whole letter or make an illustration on it with black paint.

Shredded Newspaper Lantern

Buy a lantern, shred the newspaper and stick the shreddings on the lantern. Cover the whole lantern, and a beautiful wall decor piece is ready.

Make Paper Bags

You can easily make a paper bag out of newspapers. You can even cover an old paper bag with a newspaper and then paint it to add a beautiful touch to it. A fancy paper bag is perfect for your shopping spree!


Take 4 sheets of newspaper and roll them. You can make 12 cylindrical rolls. Now, take a small piece of cardboard in a square shape and paste the rolls on it. Make sure that you place one roll beside the other vertically. Your photo frame is ready. You can either paint it or stick a picture on it as it is.