How to Make a DIY Personalised Message Bottle?

Expressing love is not always easy. Sometimes one may fall short of words to say, but writing those feelings on a piece of paper makes it easy. Written words have the power to move mountains and can go a long way in creating an impact on the ones receiving them. Those unsaid words can be sent as a text, or maybe a letter, and if one wishes to go more romantic and old school- Message in a Bottle.

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History Of Message In A Bottle

Did you know that Message in a Bottle originated back in 310 B.C? It was carried out by the Greek Philosopher Theophrastus as he wanted to prove that that the Mediterranean Sea was formed by inflowing the Atlantic Ocean. Although, many people believe that it is a myth, while many believe it is true.

The oldest ever message in a bottle recorded was found by Andrew Leaper which has been certified by The Guinness Book of World Records. It was initially used for scientific experiments.

Message in a bottle has been a tradition for a really long time, but how did it get to associated with romance? It is believed that Ake Viking, a Swedish Sailor was bored while sailing. He released a message in a bottle in the sea stating that is any pretty girl found it, she should write him back. A fisherman from Sicily, Italy found it and thought it was funny. He passed the note to his daughter- Paolina, as a joke. Paolina continued the joke by writing back to the sailor, and they became friends. They started writing love letters back and forth, and when Ake Viking visited Sicily in 1958, they got married.

This heartwarming, beautiful story started the tradition of Message In A Bottle as a gift to your loved ones. Now it is considered as one of the most romantic gifts.

DIY Message In A Bottle

Message in a bottle is available in the market, but you can make one on your own. A personalised touch and words which are your words can make it more romantic.

Apparatus Required:
  • One Transparent Glass Bottle, preferably with cork to give it an authentic look (Wine Bottle would work)
  • A Blank Paper- To make it fancier you could use Handmade or Coloured Paper
  • Pen- Use a simple blue/black pen or coloured pens.
  • Decorative Items- Ribbon, Raffia, Glitter, Rose Petals, Beads, Dried Flowers, potpourri and anything else you want to.
Steps To Make A Personalised DIY Message In A Bottle:
  • Start by writing the message on paper. Make sure to finish the message on one side of the paper as that helps in keeping the surprise element alive. You could use colourful pens, stickers and glitter to decorate your letter.
  • You can even spray perfume on the letter.
  • Now Roll the paper neatly, and use the ribbon to tie a knot around the message to make it look like a scroll.
  • Open the bottle and put the message scroll inside it.
  • Insert items like rose petals, dried flower, glitter, beads etc. inside the bottle.
  • Once you are done inserting things inside the bottle, put the lid back on. Tie a nice raffia knot around the neck of the bottle.
  • If you wish to, you can decorate the outer surface of the bottle using paint, sparkle, and so on. Even if you don’t- there is nothing prettier than simplicity!
  • Your DIY Message in a Bottle is ready.

There is nothing more romantic than words, which is why a message in a bottle would make an exceptional gift for people you love. The thought of personalised gifts is really considerate, and a DIY Personalised Message in a Bottle is one of the most enchanting one. It goes with every occasion, and especially proposals.