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Explore Personalised E-Books Online Available At Ferns N Petals

It's never easy to entertain kids. Their range of interest is not so wide. Kids love to read stories. The cool and inspiring stories not only favour their overall growth but also inspire them. The imaginative stories transport their senses to a parallel universe and make them believe that they are the heroes of the tales. That's why storybooks are great gifts to create a magical experience for kids. In present times of lockdown, when people have limited gifting choice, digital gifts are the best options. You don't have to worry about their shipping as they are hands-free and delivered online via emails, video calls, and SMS. Ferns N Petals has recently launched personalised e-books displaying children’s favourite story characters like Aladdin, Snow White and Cinderella. The digital books would make excellent birthday gifts for kids where you can replace the story characters face with the face of your child. The personalised storybook is made in PDF and is delivered digitally on the email id provided by you. Once you have selected the e-book, you need to provide 9 images of the child for personalisation. Reading these fascinating storybooks would make your kids believe that they can do anything. They would love to imitate their favourite story characters and imagine themselves in their kingdom.

Send Personalised E-Books to Impress Your Little Ones

Are you in search of unique gifts to impress your little ones? Well, we understand it is not a cakewalk to find fabulous gifts for kids. That's why Ferns N Petals is here to help. It is the one-stop-shop for all your gifting needs on every occasion. If you are not able to order gifts for your little kids and cousins due to the lockdown situation, then you can opt for our convenient digital gifts. We have recently launched personalised e-books for kids featuring famous story characters like Aladdin, Snow White and Cinderella. These amazing e-books would make your child's birthday celebration unforgettable. They would get a chance to be their favourite character through these storybooks and heroes of a fabulous adventure. These personalised e-books would take them on a journey of the magical kingdom and encourage their idea of inner strength. Once the order is placed, the e-book would be delivered digitally on the provided email id in the PDF format. Apart from the digital gifts, you can also explore our assortment of birthday gifts, anniversary gifts, Christmas gifts, New Year gifts, Mother's Day gifts, and Father's Day gifts from the comfort of home.