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Fabelle chocolates are delicately crafted with cocoa mousse filling and topped with roasted nuts like cashews, almonds, and pistachios. In every bite, they offer creamy and chocolaty flavour to taste buds and leave them asking for more. Browse our wide collection of exquisite fabelle chocolate boxes and order online to gift your loved ones on special occasions.

Gift your loved ones Fabelle chocolates this festive season

Launched in 2016, Fabelle has become one of the most desired brands of chocolates. Not only are the chocolates delicious, but they are quite luxurious as well. The material, as well as the presentation of the chocolates, creates curiosity among their customers. People typically buy Fabelle chocolate to be able to enjoy all the toppings of the bars that are visible quite vividly. These chocolates are available in multiple flavours, including mousse, pistachio, almond, and other luxurious ingredients. Nowadays, it is quite common among people to gift a chocolate bouquet consisting of Fabelle chocolate bars to their loved ones due to the wonderful quality and brand-value of the bars. Some people even gift them for auspicious occasions or the memorable moments in the life of their loved ones. Nowadays, there are several combinations of Fabelle chocolates that one can send to their loved ones. People send these gifts during events like Christmas, New Year's, birthdays, anniversaries, engagements, and many more.

Types of Fabelle chocolate bars that can be gifted for special occasions

  • Sweet Fable box
  • Not only is the box made of wood but it is quite beautiful as well. There are six Fabelle bars inside the box of two categories, including Almond Mousse and Choco-mousse soft bars.

  • Fabelle chocolate festive packet
  • If people buy Fabelle chocolate in this orange box, it automatically generates a festive feel because not only is it beautiful, but it is entirely re-usable as well. There are four Fabelle bars of two types, including choco-mousse and almond-mousse.

  • Fabelle choco mousse candles combo
  • As the name suggests, this unit of Fabelle chocolates come with two gorgeous spherical candles. Not only are they usable, but they make for a perfect gift.

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