Why Should You Travel On Your Birthday?

Conventionally, your birthday would call for a celebration and a huge party for all your friends and family. But how does that make your day special? You see, birthdays are meant for you, but parties entail the entertainment of others more than yourself. Plus, it is you who's got to do the cleaning up afterward. So how do you escape the monotony of daily life on your birthday? We have one word for you: vacation.

If you cannot think of one reason to travel on your birthday, we have a whole list. Here are a few reasons why you should travel on your birthday:

Parties are a one-night thing, and end even before they have started. Also, there's a lot of cooking, cleaning and decorating involved. You have to play the perfect host to your guests, which means you get no relaxation. On the other hand, a weekend getaway will give you two days of relaxation, rejuvenation and fun. You will actually be able to dedicate time to yourself.

If you're above the age of 21, chances are you will have alcohol at your party. And it is very easy to go overboard with alcohol. You might not pass out, but it is very unpleasant to wake up with a hangover, especially if you have to work the next day. We're not saying you can't drink on a vacation, but at least you can sleep in the next day without getting 50 missed calls from your boss. Travelling will give you the opportunity to create a lot of new and beautiful memories, and having a hangover in a beautiful place really isn't that awful.

People treat birthday-persons like kings and queens. You will get special discounts, free stuff, and rewards at almost every place you go. Some of the people traveling with you may also send you on a solo vacation at their expense. That will save you a LOT of money. Who does not like to go on a free/discounted vacation?

On a birthday trip, you call the shots. You decide where the group stays, eats, enjoys and all that. So you can do whatever you want and can make others do the same as well. Trust us; it is not as evil as it sounds.

You can do something completely different on your birthday as well. You can volunteer at a nearby charity, or can travel to one of their offshore branches to help some people who are not as fortunate as you are. It's an offbeat option, sure, but you are growing up, aren't you? It is time you gave something back to the community.

Once you cross the awkward teen phase, you start resenting growing older. Responsibilities increase, bills increase, and debts increase- basically, overall stress levels shoot through the roof. Deciding to travel on a birthday will break your ordinary routine, creating a distraction from all the grim thoughts you get on this special day. There's always time to create new memories and have new experiences.

Don't believe us? Believe your starts. According to astrology, traveling on a birthday helps improve your luck for the upcoming months. It has to do with something called solar return, which means the sun returns to the exact same angle with the earth as it was when you were born.

Birthday escapades can be the best experiences of your life. Have one to know what we mean.