Why New Year Resolutions Never Work 90%

Every year most of the people make some resolutions and only very few strive for them. There are many reasons behind this failure. To start with most people do not even know what they really want and make some resolutions which do not suit their soul.

Here are the most prominent reasons.

  • Know yourself first: Most of the times people set their resolutions based on someone else's wish. So, when you do not wish something you lack determination, and lack of determination leads to the failure. So, if you really want to do something and if you have interest in that, only then set your resolution.
  • Stick to One Thing: The way people choose the wrong resolution, in the same way, they make more mistakes by setting multiple resolutions and shifting from one to another without completing the former one. So, stick with one resolution until you achieve it and after that shift to another.
  • Set Smart Resolutions: When you are setting your resolutions, keep in mind that it has to be specific, achievable, measurable, time-based and relevant. These points make your goals reasonable. Whenever you have some grand resolution, think about the goal and decide how you can complete the goal. Always narrow down your resolution and find a part to start with.
  • Apt Environment: Sometimes your environment can prevent you from reaching your goal. So change your environment and walk on the straight road to success. Put your alarm on the opposite side of your bed so you have to wake up to stop it and sleep in your gym shirt so that you can go to gym easily in the morning.
  • Chart Your Progress: Once you set your goal and started to work on it, you should note a progress of your work. So that you can notice how much you have strived and how much you still have to do. If you see that you have crossed five days in a row then you would not want to miss the last one. That would give you the inspiration to complete the next day and you would go ahead a bit in your progress.
  • Stay Motivated: To reach your goal it is very important to stay motivated. Announce your resolution on the social media to motivate your friends. Alternatively, if you share your resolution and progress with your family, it will help you to stay on track.
  • Celebrate Your Success and Slips:People often have the tendency to create pressure on themselves. So, whenever you lag behind in your schedule do not demotivate yourself by telling that you are weak or bad. Acknowledge your failure and move on to the next step. On the other hand, celebrating your success is also important. It does not matter how trivial it is but you should always cheer yourself. Whenever you have a good day celebrate it and look forward to have a better day ahead.
    • Keeping these points in your mind can surely make you one of them who can fulfill their New Year resolutions.