Why is it Beneficial to Keep Holy Basil at Home?

We all have seen our elders worshipping the Tulsi every morning, right? There would hardly be any home in India without a Holy Basil or Tulsi ka Paudha. The plant carries significant religious beliefs and is regarded as the avatar of Lakshmi and thus the consort of Lord Vishnu. Translating to ‘the unmatchable one’, Holy Basil, Tulsi or Ocimum Tenuiflorum not only holds religious beliefs but is also blessed with various beauty and wellness benefits. Here are some reasons why you should keep Holy Basil at home if you haven’t already.

Beneficial to Keep Holy Basil at Home

Helps You Stay Calm & Carry On

It is said that keeping the Tulsi plant at home helps eliminate stress. You can chew 10-12 leaves daily right after you get up in the morning or add them to your morning tea to reduce overall stress and anxiety levels.

Keeps Mosquitoes at Bay

Holy Basil is an effective plant-based mosquito repellent that keeps insects and mosquitoes at bay. As stated by various reports and studies, this plant is particularly effective in getting rid of mosquitoes and other insects, especially during monsoons.

Leaves the House Sweet-Smelling

Tulsi has a rich, refreshing and calm smell that keeps the home smelling sweet and incredibly fresh all day long. The plant is able to absorb harmful gases such as sulphur dioxide, carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, etc. present in the air. This keeps the surroundings fresh and further promotes a good mood.

Fights Tooth & Nail with infections

Tulsi is rightly known as the ‘Mother Medicine of Nature’ and ‘The Queen of Herbs’ for its great ability to help the body fight against cold, cough and other infections. Its antibiotic and antibacterial properties alleviate fevers and infections. If you are down with fever, pluck a few leaves from the plant, boil them in half a litre of water, mix in cardamom powder and sip the drink every two to three hours. The mixture is also a great blood purifier and is capable of lowering cholesterol levels.