Why Are Long Distance Relationships The Best?

Anyone who's ever been in a long distance relationship will agree that they are super hard. You do not get to touch your partner for days at a stretch, and the only way you can see them is through web chat. But, surprisingly, there is a sunny side to having a long distance relationship. It is unbelievable, right? Here's why long distance relationships are absolutely amazing:

You value each message and selfie you get from your partner. And through this, you get to know your partner very well. Because a long distance relationship is based entirely on words, each of your virtual interactions will provide you with a deeper insight into the other's character. You will know their likes and dislikes like the back of your hand.

You will be sure that your relationship is based on emotional understanding and bonding, and not on sensual pleasure. In other words, you will have a greater guarantee of a successful relationship than those who have their partners around them all the time.

You're only human, and the distance between you and your partner can invoke the baser emotions in you. It is easy to doubt their loyalty when they are alone in a distant land. Being in a long distance relationship will help you to identify emotions like jealousy and fight them in the process. It will help you to place greater trust in your partner and will diminish your insecurities about your relationship.

Long distance relationships entail a good amount of talking, and you learn enough about the other person to establish a deep spiritual and emotional connection. That is why, in case of arguments, you will not misunderstand your partner, because you will be completely aware of their point of view. You and your partner will address and resolve your problems as a team-together.

Once you and your partner meet, sparks will definitely fly. Your time together may last for a short while before you have to part ways again, and this will ensure that you make each moment count. You create as many happy memories as you can, to ponder over in the time that you are not together.

Patience is a virtue fast losing its place in the world. Sometimes, we treat our relationships like instant coffee- we demand immediate results. Similarly, we want instant replies from our partners. But this does not work in the case of a long distance relationship, because both partners may not be free at the same time. This value is important to the infrastructure of the relationship. You will have even more patience with your partner and will be able to deal with their temper tantrums appropriately.

Relationships do take up a lot of our time, and while we don't complain, there are other hobbies that we do not get a chance to pursue. A long-distance relationship is a perfect choice in this matter. Not having to meet your partner regularly will save you a lot of time-time which you can employ in the pursuit of other hobbies.

You will develop an independent streak during a long-distance relationship because you will have to get things done yourself. Your partner will only be able to provide you with emotional support, but will not be able to save you from distress. Although you would wish to have your partner next to you during difficult times, knowing that you handled your problems yourself will make you feel pretty good later on.