Friendship Day : Sunday 5th August 2018

Various countries like India, USA and others celebrate the Friendship Day on the First Sunday of the August each year. This wonderful occasion is slated to be on 6th August for the current year of 2018. In some places of USA like Ohio, Oberlin and others, the Friendship Day is celebrated on 8th April every year.

When will the Friendship Day occur for the next five years?

Although, Friendship Day in India and other countries falls on the First Sunday of August, the dates are different every year. Below is the table that depicts the dates for the Friendship Day for the next five years starting from the year 2018 to 2022.

Day Date Year
Sunday 5th August 2018
Sunday 4th August 2019
Sunday 2nd August 2020
Sunday 1st August 2021
Sunday 7th August 2022