What To Get Your Girlfriend For Her Birthday

If you spot a man looking nervous, jittery and helpless, chances are that he has no idea what to get his girl for her birthday. It is definitely difficult to select a gift for a woman, mainly because there are fourteen thousand different options to choose from. But if you think that getting her the same generic gifts year after year will earn you brownie points for being the best boyfriend ever, then you are way off the mark. This year, get creative with your gift ideas. We are here to give you all the guidance you need.

Find out what her favorite dishes are. If you can cook them without burning the house down, go right ahead and do so. Otherwise, order-in, please. However, if she likes something really specific, like her grandma's carrot cake, for example, arrange to get it delivered to your place. It is a little elaborate, but it is definitely worth the effort.

Most girls are huge fans of make-up and use it extensively. Get her some products from her favorite makeup brand. If this is a little out of your comfort zone, get her girlfriends to help you do your research and make your choice.

Write her a song, a heartfelt serenade commemorating all your beautiful dates, or a beautiful ballad listing the reasons why you love her. This one would make her day. You can also make her a slideshow of all your cherished memories, adding in little comments and jokes here and there. It is a very sensitive and thoughtful gift to give, and your girl will love you all the more for it.

If you have mad drawing skills, sketch a portrait of your queen. You can also get a professional to do it- there's no pressure. Get it framed and hang it up on her wall. This one is an iconic gift, one that never gets old. It will also give her the perfect excuse to brag about her splendid partner.

Jewelry! You can never go wrong with a diamond ring or a pearl necklace. This is one of the more expensive presents, but hey, it's not her birthday every day, right? Also, the look and smile that will light up her face once she gets it will make your buy worth every penny.

A photo collage is a truly personal gift. Don't use an app. Use your hands. Get all the snaps of your happy times and paste them in a beautiful collage. Add little notes and quotes here and there. This idea costs nothing but speaks volumes about how much you really care about her and your relationship.

What are the top three things women like? Chocolates, flowers and gifts! Merge them all into one giant candy bouquet. Confused? We'll explain. Candy bouquets are just like normal bouquets, but instead of beautiful orchids, they have delicious Kit Kats. They are customizable, of course, and you can add all her favorite chocolates to it. Stick a card with a sweet message on it and voila! You have yourself the perfect gift.

Your girl is a hardworking, strong woman. She deserves a day off to relax, and that is what you can give her. Book an appointment for a full day at her favorite spa, and enjoy blissful rejuvenation with your favorite person in the world.