What is the Best Token of Love for your Partner?

What is the best token of love for your partner? Is it an extravagant gift or a romantic gesture? Our mind often fights a battle between an expensive gift or the cheaper yet thoughtful one. Your beloved will cherish anything and everything you give them. The best token of love for your partner can be a gift or a gesture, that simply makes them feel your love and affection. Here is a dose of gestures, and gifts that will be the perfect token of love and will leave your significant other in awe.

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Love Letters

Love Letters are an old way of expressing your feelings. In the modern world, where you can send texts, write a love letter for your partner and post it. Your partner can keep these letters and can read when they are feeling nostalgic.

Forehead Kisses

A kiss on the forehead is a symbol of love and care. Shower your affection by giving your beloved a forehead kiss daily. Make it your ritual and pamper her daily with the best token of love.


Get a meaningful tattoo for your partner that will stay with you forever. A tattoo is permanent, and it will be the most romantic token of love for your partner.


Plants represent growth and spread happiness and positive vibes. Give an indoor plant to your partner and take care of it with her/him. Let it grow with love and care. Your partner will remember you whenever he/she is watering it.

Travel Together

The world has plenty of unexplored lands. Explore different countries together and discover new places. Plan a trip to the favourite destination of your partner. Surprise them with an amazing experience that she/he will never forget!

Forever Roses

Let your partner know that your bond is eternal by giving them a forever rose. Your beloved will indeed jump with joy after receiving a thoughtful token of your eternal bond.

Home Cooked Meals

There is nothing better than a home cooked meal. Prepare the favourite dishes of your partner and organise a candlelight dinner at home. Play romantic songs and relish the delicacies you prepared with love.

Engraved Gifts

Engraved gifts are quite impressive and are in trend. From wine glasses to perfumes, you can get the initials of your significant other engraved on anything. Pour wine in the engraved glasses and be ready to captivate the enthralling reaction of your partner.

Our list of the best tokens of love for your partner will bring you closer to them. Raise a toast to love by surprising your partner with these gifts and gestures and make them feel that they mean the world to you.