What Does Gifting a Plant Actually Means?

It takes a lot of effort to find the perfect gift. A gift should be meaningful, expressing the emotions one wants to convey. It should also be useful to the person receiving the gift. Well, that one gift which is useful for everyone plants. Plants are important to the environment, they are good for one’s health, and they are beautiful décor items.

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Why to Gift a Plant?

Gifting a plant helps express various emotions and beautiful green foliage has various benefits. A few reasons to gift plants are:

  • Good For Health- Different plants have different health benefits. Gifting a plant to someone shows them that you care about their health. Moreover, we live in an era where we mostly stay inside offices or houses, plants help one stay in touch with nature.

  • Sustainable- Unlike other gifts, plants live a happy and long life if nurtured properly.

  • Unique Idea- Very few people gift a plant, so gifting a plant means an out of the box idea.

  • Influence Mood- Plant influence the mood of the people are them. The green foliage and colourful flowers make people around them happier.

  • Beautiful Gifts- Apart from having amazing health benefits, and emitting oxygen, plants make as beautiful décor items.

  • Plants For All Occasions- Plants can be gifted on all occasions. They are a sign of respect, telling someone that you trust them, and telling them that they have a nurturing nature.

Plant Gifting Symbolism

Just like flowers, plants have a language of their own. Every plant symbolizes something different, and knowing plant symbolism will help in picking the right plant for gift & décor.

Here is what gifting plants means:

Lucky Bamboo Plant Symbolism

Lucky bamboo symbolizes wealth, prosperity, longevity, luck, and love. Different layers of the lucky bamboo plant represent different things. Two layers are for love, Three layers represent for long & happy life, Five Layers represent wealth, Seven layers represent health, Eight layers represent growth, Nine layers represent luck, and Ten layers represent perfection. So, it depends on what message one wants to send the recipient. Gift lucky bamboo when someone is starting a new chapter in their life.

Peace Lily Plant Symbolism

Fragrant flowers and beautiful foliage, the peace lily is a perfect gifting plant. Peace Lily plant symbolizes purity, innocence, rebirth, and tranquillity. It is a flowering air purifying plant, and gifting a peace lily means you wish them peace and support. Gift peace lily when you want to let someone know that you support them, and when you wish to express sympathy.

Philodendron Plant Symbolism

A gorgeous air-purifying foliage plants, philodendron plant is pretty low-maintenance. This plant symbolizes health, abundance, growth, and beauty(love for nature). This plant has been a muse for many modern artists. Gifting Philodendron plant to someone telling them that they are beautiful, or gift to someone who is in the growing phase of their life. Plant lovers will surely appreciate a Philodendron plant.

Money Plant Symbolism

Money plants symbolize good fortune and wealth. Gifting money is a perfect way of wishing someone luck and happiness in whatever they do. It is a flawless gift for someone who is starting their career, business, or making new investments.

Snake Plant Symbolism

NASA recognized air purifier plant is perfect for gifting. They not only purify the air but help many allergies, and known for releasing positive energy. It symbolizes cleanliness and persistence. Gifting a snake plant means telling someone that you care for their health, and wish them a healthy life ahead. Snake plant makes as a perfect house warming gift.

Aloe Vera Plant Symbolism

Aloe Vera plant has many medicinal benefits and is known as the ‘plant of immortality’ by Egyptians. Since Cleopatra credited aloe vera for her well-nourished beautiful skin, it symbolizes beauty, healing and protection. It is perfect to be gifted to someone you wish to convey your care, and for someone who believes in holistic health.

Cactus Plant Symbolism

One may think that gifting a cactus or succulent can be a bad idea. Cactus plants are often misunderstood as harsh and insensitive due to the thorns & pricks. Cactus plants symbolize endurance, persistence, & toughness. Gifting a cactus to someone means telling them that they never give up and that you care for them. Since Cactus plant keeps negative energy & misfortunes away, it tells the recipient that you want to protect them. It is best gifted to someone who is going through a bad time, to let them know that they are strong.

Gifting plants can many things, but most of all it means wishing good luck and telling someone that you care. Gift green friends to your friends to express your emotions.