Ways To Celebrate International Plant Appreciation Day

International Plant Appreciation Day is celebrated every year on April 13th. Although your love and appreciation for plants shouldn’t depend on a certain day, it could definitely inspire you to do something out of the ordinary for them. The fact that this day is celebrated worldwide during the spring season only adds to the whole equation. Spring is perfect for growing plants indoors and outdoors. If you already are a plant parent, here’s a list of a few practices that you can adopt this Plant Appreciation Day to pamper and grow your favoured hobby:

International Plant Appreciation Day

Distribute Seeds and Saplings From Your Garden

As a plant owner, keep an eye for your plant’s potential to grow and produce good quality seeds. Once they do, identify people in your circle who are equally passionate about gardening and make it a practice to exchange seeds with them. If you have a garden, it’ll only help you widen the variety of plants in it.

Make a Resolution to Gift Potted Plants

As a step towards making the world a greener place, invest in potted plants instead of the usual bouquets. They will last longer, will help clean the air and can also be a nice addition to the receiver’s indoor and outdoor decor.

Start Talking to Your Plants

Talking to your plants is not as weird as it sounds. In recent times, several studies have concluded that vibrations in the air have a direct correlation to a plant’s growth. And if you think that the side effects are one-sided, you couldn’t be more wrong. The practice of talking to your plants doesn’t have to follow a laid out structure, but if you’ve never done it before, start by observing them and then gradually uttering a few sentences each day until you’re comfortable. A few talking points to get you started: Beautiful flowers, good weather, thanking them for providing clean air and nutrition.

Start a Compost

Our future relies on how sustainable the current generation chooses to be. Building a compost pit in your home or garden could be a very cost-effective way to turn your kitchen or garden waste into a nutrient-rich and disease-suppressing supplement for your plants.

Pamper Your Plants

The performance of your plant will hugely depend on the surrounding environmental factors. Make sure that they’re always getting enough sunlight when the seasons change. If the air is dry, check if you need to keep the humidifier on for a couple more hours. Plants in your garden will naturally clean and cleanse themselves with the help of wind and rain, but indoor plants need you to do these to stay happy. Once in a while remove the dead leaves and check the soil’s humidity level for their adequate growth.

And lastly, make sure that more people are aware of this day. The International Plant Appreciation Day is a fairly new concept for a lot of people. Spread the word and take a pledge to make this day synonymous with plants and their essential care.