Valentine’s Day Symbols & Their Meanings

Come Valentine’s Day and you will find yourself surrounded by cupid, hearts, candies, roses and related symbols. Red, pink and white colours seem to bathe the streets and the symphony of love and romance floats in the air. Though you resonate with all such romantic symbols during this love-filled day, have you ever wondered how they came into existence? Below we have covered some of the major Valentine’s Day symbols, their meanings and history. Keep reading!

Valentine’s Day Symbols & Their Meanings

The Red Rose

Even pondered upon how roses became staple throughout Valentine’s week? It’s because this flower in particular is considered to be the symbol of love, passion, romance and desire. Venus, the Roman goddess of love, was fond of red roses. Ever since then, people started confessing their love by giving red roses, particularly on Rose Day.

Arrow in the Heart

A traditional Valentine’s Day symbol - the symbol of the heart that is pierced with an arrow symbolises the vulnerability of love. It represents the risk of a lover while confessing his love-bearing a fear of being rejected and breaking his heart.


The cute, chubby and naked baby endowed with wings and the quiver on the back goes back to Greek mythology. He was originally the Greek god, Eros who was the son of Aphrodite; the Goddess of love. Cupid would shoot people with their arrows and control their emotions. He is known to be a mischievous angel who could shoot two types of arrows - one to make people fall in love and the other to make people hate each other.

Love Knot

Just like the name suggests, love knots are the symbol of immortal, eternal love. The intertwined love hearts depict two bodies, one heart. Tying a knot is also looked upon as a marriage ritual in some cultures that expresses the unification of two individuals and their families.

Letter X

In mediaeval times, people who didn’t know how to sign a document/letter would sign it off using the letter X. The signer also places a kiss over the sign to express his sincerity, loyalty and love.

Candy Hearts

The candy hearts started out as medical pills to soothe the sore throat. When Oliver Chase, the Boston-based pharmacist saw the popularity of these tiny medicines, he transformed them into candy with sweet messages scribbled on them.