Trendsetting Flower Arrangements Starting From Rs 699

Every flower is a soul blossoming in nature - Gerard De Nerval

Nature has an amazing quality to surprise humans with its wonderful creations and fill their lives with pleasure and solace. Flowers are the magnificent creations of nature that are pleasing to look at and can brighten up anyone’s day. With their ethereal beauty and lasting fragrance, they can turn even a dead place into lively heaven. The classic symbol of love, passion and elegance, colorful blossoms have been the simplest gifting options for special occasions for centuries. The timelessly beautiful flower arrangements are the perfect display of deep emotions that impress beyond words.


Here is a list of trendsetting floral arrangement ideas starting from Rs. 699 that is suitable for gifting and can improve the look of any space.

Enchanting Bouquet of 10 Red Roses-

Created with 10 red velvety roses, this captivating bouquet in a beautiful wrapping is an epitome of beauty and elegance. These breath-taking blossoms are the definitive expression of lasting love, which are sure to grab one’s attention and make any moment incredible. This red rose bouquet is available at a minimal price of 699.

captivating bouquet

Bunch of 15 Yellow Roses-

As bright as the sun, the yellow roses reflect the purity of friendship. With its warm disposition, this pretty bunch of joyful yellow roses is absolutely perfect to extend gratitude, congratulatory wishes or convey the message of getting well soon. One can order it online at an affordable price of 899.

captivating bouquet

Hand-tied Bunch of 25 Red Roses-

The 25 roses are considered best to wish someone all the happiness in the world. This premium hand-tied bouquet featuring 25 red roses and seasonal fillers depicts true love and care, which is available at a price of 1099. It will make a heartwarming gift that one can present to their significant other in the most special way.

captivating bouquet

Hand-tied Bunch of Daisies & Roses-

This warm and sunlit bunch of daisies and roses is a perfect celebration of colors that can add life to anyone’s big day. Created to spread love and cheer, one can order this floral bunch online at 1199. The white seasonal fillers are complementing the beauty of the splendid flowers in this floral bunch.

captivating bouquet

Dainty Floral Box Arrangement-

This classy and delicate floral box arrangement is a dreamy affair of enchanting roses, carnations and daisies. Available at a price of 1349, it is a sweet deal that one can steal to send as a thoughtful gift for someone special and make their heart race.

captivating bouquet

Delicate Pink Roses Box Arrangement-

This pretty box arrangement comprises of pink roses and seasonal fillers that will make a mesmerizing gift for special occasions. The elegantly wrapped pink raffia adds a mystic charm to the floral setting. One can order this floral arrangement online at a price of 1399.

captivating bouquet

Striped Bouquet of Roses & Lilies-

There is nothing more delightful than this enchanting bouquet of gorgeous pink roses paired with Asiatic lilies. Wrapped in a classic black and white packaging, these vibrant flowers are sure to warm the heart of any recipient. One can avail this abundant bouquet online at a price of 1499.

captivating bouquet

Mixed Bouquet of Oriental Lilies & Carnations-

This bright and beautiful bouquet of oriental lilies and carnations is the perfect representation of style and grace. Wrapped in a gorgeous pink jute packaging, this mesmerizing floral bouquet is available in 2599, which is absolutely ideal to extend warm wishes ocf love and faith on major occasions.

captivating bouquet

These exquisite floral arrangements are simply stunning, which are sure to enhance the joy of any celebration and make them memorable.