Traits of Every Good Friend

Having really good friends is something that is possible only for the luckiest. Not every person in the world can be good friends and with the world becoming more and more competitive, finding good friends is increasingly becoming tough. However, making friends is an art that depends on the individual as well. Many of the qualities in a person are often reflected in their choice of friends as well. There are a lot of essential traits that can be found in a person. The following are 9 traits that are sure to be found in every good friend.

What are the Qualities of a Good Friend

What are the 9 traits that are common for every good friend?

  • Trustworthiness - Trust is surely one of the traits that can be found in every good friend and is one of the things that can distinguish your close ones from the rest. It is not possible to build a good friendship without proper trust and a breach of the same can break the very foundation on which it is based.
  • Honesty - Honesty is another trait that can be found amongst really good friends. Friends do not hide things among themselves and can share everything freely including their opinions of each other. Thus good friends are always honest about themselves and their lives.
  • Dependability - Like the other traits, this is one that can be assumed without a doubt. Good friends will naturally depend on each other and this means that they can count on one another in times of trouble or need. It is one of the traits that make you feel secure in a friendship.
  • Loyalty - Though this goes hand in hand with honesty, loyalty is another aspect that is sure to be found among good friends. This is one of the foundation stones that will build a good basis for the friendship in the future. Loyalty makes the bonds among friends stronger and makes them stand up for each other, no matter what.
  • Empathy - Empathy is one of the factors that will make friends quite close to each other. When people are close, empathy is what helps them understand each other's feelings, woes and opinions.
  • Non-judgmental - True friends never judge each other and instead stand up for each other. They always accept choices, opinions and lifestyles without any judgement. The world is always there to judge you on whatever you do, but it is a completely different scenario with your friends.
  • Good Listeners - A good friend will always be there to listen to everything that his/her other friends share and this may include even the most insignificant and trivial of matters. Sharing is only possible when good friends are good listeners as well.
  • Supportive – Real friends will always support you even during your darkest days and when you are at your lowest. This is what good friends do and this is what helps you go through all the pressures of life with a smile on your face.
  • Humorous & Fun - After all, friends are supposed to be fun! Good friends are always those whose company we enjoy. A little humour goes a long way towards building the foundations for companionship and understanding.