Top Surprising & Unheard Christmas Facts

‘Tis the season of happiness, fun, frolic, snow, love, giving and deep-diving into the whats and whys of the year-end festival, i.e. Christmas. Come Christmas and you will hear the bells ringing, trees decked up and smell the delicious aroma of baked goodies. But have you ever paused and wondered about WHYs and HOWs of all such traditions? No? In this article, we will talk about lots of interesting, surprising and unheard-of Christmas facts. So grab a Christmas cookie, bottom-up that hot cocoa and read us out.

Top Surprising & Unheard Christmas Facts

Christmas Wasn’t Always Celebrated on Dec 25th.

Though Christmas today marks the birth of Jesus Christ, there is no mention of the 25th of December as his birthday in the Bible. Most historians believe that he was born during Spring. The date was originally chosen as it overlapped with the ancient Pagan festival, i.e. Saturnalia which was about honouring the agricultural god Saturn and giving out Christmas gifts.

Santa Claus Did Not Always Dress Up in Red Clothes

Green, blue or purple were the colours of the clothes worn by Santa Claus. This remained a theme for many years until Coca Cola decided to dress him up in the hues that highlight their brand. And rest is history!

Plum Cakes Doesn’t Have Plums in it

We all enjoy relishing plum cakes during the Christmas holidays. However, there, are no plums on the cake. It was raisins that were called plums at that time. So that's how it got the name we speak of today.

Jingle Bells Was Originally a Thanksgiving Song

Yes, you read that right. The 'Dashing through the snow' was composed by James Pierpont and originally made to the hymn on Thanksgiving and simply boast of joys of winter.

Candy Canes Originated in Germany

Back in the time, a choirmaster gave these striped candies to children to hush them during marathon church services. In 1847, a German-Swedish immigrant decorated his Christmas tree with candy canes and they came to be known as Christmas candy.

Queen Elizabeth I Invented Gingerbread Men

Queen Elizabeth I is the reason behind those cute, delicious gingerbread cookies. She asked for the gingerbread figures to present to the visiting dignitaries & guests to honour them.