Top 5 Indoor Plants To Spruce Up Your Interiors

Home is a place where people gather their energies in the morning and return to their comfort in the evening. That’s why a clean, clear, and refreshing home interior is what everyone should look out for. One of the cheapest, easiest, and healthiest way to spruce up a home is to add indoor plants. There are various kinds of plants – some improve the quality of the air, some have immense medicinal qualities, and some simply enhance good fortune. Then, there are some plants which have ornamental leaves, striking flowers, or beautiful trunks – and they are those plants that aim at sprucing up the interiors.

Top 5 Indoor Plants

Home interior decorating with plants is a simple art which requires one to remember a few things – adding water, providing sufficient plant food, and maintaining the proper light conditions for the plants to grow well. Additionally, plants also contribute in making the home interior a peaceful place with a high level of oxygen.

So, here are the top 5 indoor plants that will help one spruce up the interiors.

Maranta Plant:

Maranta Plant

Native to tropical Central & South America and the West Indies, Maranta is a type of flowering plants in the family of Marantaceae. This plant is named in the honour of an Italian physician & botanist of 16th Century named Bartolomeo Maranta. This is an evergreen plant and would add just the right amount of drama to a home. The notable feature of this plant is that in the daytime the leaves are flat but in the evening, the leaves fold up and resemble a folded hand during prayers. For this reason, it is also called a prayer plant. Another interesting fact about this plant is that the closure of the leaves is the plants way to conserve moisture. It is an ideal plant for humid kitchens too apart from sprucing up the drawing-room.

Rubber Plant:

Rubber Plant

The shining large leaves are one of the finest additions to those large rooms. They can grow up to 10 feet – adding spectacular energy to one’s space. One can use white pots to place the rubber plants and keep them in the corner to jazz up the interiors beautifully. If someone has a small room, then also, it is advised to paint it white and keep a rubber plant at the corner in a white pot – this trick will make the small space look larger. Rubber plants are also approved by NASA as a great plant to improve the indoor air quality. Their large leaves can absorb airborne chemicals and break them down, making them harmless. They also remove bacteria and mold spores in the air.

The large leaves help in cleaning the air in a better way. The contaminants drawn by the plant are deposited in the soil which meets the microbes there. The microbes then break down the contaminants and convert them into essential nutrients for the plant.

Croton Plant:

Croton Plant

Croton Plant is one of the beautiful foliage plants that require low maintenance. Traditionally, this plant has been used in medicines to treat constipation or to heal lesions. The bright and beautiful leaves of this plant break the monotony of furniture placed in one’s place. As a desk plant, coffee table plant, side table plant, balcony lining plant, or as a front door plant – croton plant can spice up any space. One can also use this croton plant vertically to beautify the wall space right above the sofa in the living room.

Peace Lily Plant:

Peace Lily Plant

Peace Lily is one of the best indoor plants as certified by NASA. It eliminates the five most dangerous toxins from the air – benzene, formaldehyde, trichloroethylene, xylene, and ammonia. It is also known as White Sail Plant for its beautiful white flower. The dark green shiny leaves with white flowers – that’s definitely a sight to hold in the eyes. Another most important fact to learn about this plant is that it is a fuss-free plant. Peace lily plants don’t require much light to survive. And that’s why, one can keep it anywhere in the home – from the bathroom to the dull passageways. Some prefer to keep it at the office desk too because it is believed that peace lily plants promote good luck, prosperity, and purity.

Boston Fern:

Boston Fern:

The evergreen and bushy Boston Ferns are scientifically called Nephrolepis exaltata. It is native to the tropical regions of the world. Boston Ferns are generally preferred as an entryway décor. They are also seen in hanging planters in the balconies and also in upside down planters in the living room. Those who have pets at home can also bring this plant as this one is toxic-free for pets. The NASA Clean Air Study further revealed that Boston Ferns are effective in eliminating formaldehyde, xylene, and toluene from the air. Boston Ferns also adds moisture to the indoor air and thus those who suffer from dry skin or irritably dry noses or throats would benefit from this plant.