Tea Traditions Around the Globe

The aroma of freshly made tea soothes you and the first sip of the piping hot tea energises you from within. Tea has magical properties that refresh you and fills you with glee. The story of tea began in 2737 BC when one afternoon an accident that happened with the Chinese Emperor Shen Nung led to the birth of tea. Since then, it is widely used in all countries and people are crazy about it. Did you know about the various tea traditions around the Globe? As a tea lover, you must be curious about the traditions. Keep scrolling down to get acquainted with all these interesting traditions!

Tea Traditions Around the Globe


Morocco follows the famous proverb "The first glass is as gentle as life, the second is as strong as love, the third is as bitter as death." Touareg tea is the traditional one and it is served thrice to all guests. You shouldn't say no to this tea as it is considered rude in Morocco.


Chai or Tea is one of the most consumed drinks in India. Masala Chai that is prepared with black tea leaves and other herbs and spices is quite popular. The way the tea is served in 'kulhads' enhances the taste.


UK's afternoon tea is known to all. In the 17th Century, tea made its way to the United Kingdom and its upper class. The afternoon tea tradition involves a selection of cakes, small sandwiches and a delicious cup of tea.


Gongfu Tea is the traditional tea in China. Guests have to smell the leaves before the tea is prepared. The tradition of making the tea also includes a tureen, tongs, strainers, a brewing tray, and tea towels. The first step is warming the cups and it is followed by other steps like smelling the leaves and more.


The locals of Japan organise several highly detailed tea ceremonies. Green tea Matcha is preferred over all other blends. Chado or the way of tea is a well-known method of preparing tea. Tea is prepared in a decorated room and served to the guests who are on their knees. A sweet dish called the wagashi is also served with tea.


Russians are passionate about tea and Zavarka is what they love. It is made with loose-leaf tea concentrate which is added into a metal container and then the tea is brewed. The metal container is also called a samovar. This black tea is served with cookies. The locals have the black tea as it is but guests are offered milk and sugar.

This list of tea traditions around the globe has all the ones that you must try. After all, life is all about travelling and relishing what the world has to offer. The next time you are in any one of the above-listed destinations, you must try their traditional tea and bring it back as a gift for your loved ones!