Stories that Symbolise Eternal Love

Eternal love is real. It’s not merely a term that came straight out of a fantasy romance novel but something that went on till eternity. Love can definitely last a lifetime and eternal love does exist outside books and movies. With Valentine’s Day around the corner, we have penned down some of the most decorated, timeless love stories that stood the test of time and are still remembered as paragons and epitomes of true love. These stories go beyond the traditional norms of ‘Happily Ever After.’

Stories that Symbolise Eternal Love

Heer Ranjha

The immortalised story of Heer Ranjha is well known. Their love was rendered with trials, complications and tribulations. The story revolves around how the two hearts fell in love and tried to make things work. However, as luck would have it, both lovers reunited, only to part ways forever. Today their mausoleum is frequently visited by love-smitten couples.

Romeo Juliet

Romeo Juliette is the most tragic love story written by the king of English Literature - William Shakespeare. Though they are fictional characters, Romeo Juliet continues to inspire and set benchmarks even today. A young boy Romeo falls in love with Juliet at first sight where the latter is due to marrying her father’s choice. The long vendetta between the families led to the end of the lovers.

Laila Majnu

A centuries-old love story that is still cited widely is of Laila-Majnu. Their story is overwhelming, intense and passionate. Today whenever anyone talks about the depth of a guy’s love, he is often termed as ‘Majnu’. The story is about a young man called Qays ibn al-Mullawah who loved Laila dearly. He penned down splendid romantic poems, dedicated to his lady-love. It’s a love story that met a tragic end.

Baji Rao Mastani

Another story that has set a benchmark of love is of Peshwa Bajirao and Mastani. Mastani was married not to Peshwa Bajirao, but to his sword, a custom that prevailed at the time. Since Mastani was half-Muslim, she was never accepted by Peshwas, his mother Radhabai and Kashibai, his first wife.. Efforts were made to keep Mastani away from Bajirao while he was away on a military campaign. But nothing could fade the bond of love between the duo.