Simple Cake Decorating Ideas for Birthdays

Cakes make the world a better place and glaze all occasions with sweetness. Whether it's a birthday party or an anniversary, all guests are excited to gobble on the delicious cake. The frosting on the cake makes it irresistible, and the creamy texture makes everyone drool. If you are preparing a cake at home and looking for simple cake decorating ideas for birthdays, we have laid out a spread of the easy, and most stunning ones! Take a look!

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Strawberry and Cream Layered Cake

Bake a Vanilla cake, and arrange whipped cream, Vanilla essence and strawberries. Mix castor sugar and a few drops of vanilla essence in the whipped cream and beat it in a blender. Cut your cake from the middle, add the frosting along with freshly cut strawberries. Place the other half of the cake on top and add a lot of frosting on it. Cut the strawberries from the middle vertically and cover half the cake with these slices. Take chocolate syrup or strawberry syrup and write Happy Birthday on the uncovered part of the cake. This simple decoration will make your cake more delicious and appealing.

Nutella & Walnut Cake

To make a Nutella and oreo cake, you need a baked chocolate cake, Nutella and chopped and roasted walnuts. Take the chocolate cake and cover it with Nutella spread from all over. Spread Nutella evenly and add the chopped walnuts on the top. Your Nutella delight is ready.

Cookies & Ice Cream Cake

The Cookies and ice cream cake is for the cookie lover in your family. All you need is a Vanilla or chocolate flavour ice cream and their favourite cookies. Crush the cookies and add them in the ice cream. Mix it properly and spread it between the cake and on the top. Take a decorating knife and even out the spread. Crush the cookies in a fine powder and sprinkle it all over the cake. Keep the cake in the freezer.

Fruit Cake

A delectable cake with fresh fruits is the perfect choice for a birthday party. Take bananas, mangoes, strawberries, and kiwis. Cut all the fruits in thin slices and prepare the frosting by beating castor sugar, fresh cream and vanilla essence. Now coat the cake with the frosting. Arrange the fruits inside out on the top, and your fresh fruit cake is ready.

Coffee Cake

The coffee addicts will love a coffee cake. Bake a vanilla cake or a chocolate cake and cut it into halves. Take fresh cream or whipped cream and add coffee powder and castor sugar into it. Beat it till your frosting is ready. Spread the frosting on one half and keep the other half over it. Now, glaze the top layer with coffee frosting and sprinkle coffee powder with the help of a sieve.

Edible Flowers Cream Cake

A floral birthday cake will light up the whole birthday party and leave everyone stunned. To prepare this delight, bake a cake of the birthday’s boys or girl’s favourite flavour and keep it aside. Now, blend whipped cream along with castor sugar and vanilla essence, and bring edible flowers. Coat the cake with frosting and add the charm with the beautiful edible flowers of your choice.

These simple cake decorating ideas for birthdays will make you shine out as a baker. Try all of them and surprise your loved ones with mouth-watering cakes.