Rainwater or Tapwater? Which One is Better For Plants and Why

Plants are found in all households. People are embracing the trend of gardening and decorating their homes with indoor plants. Taking care of your plants the right way enhances their growth and makes them happier. Watering plants is an essential part of the process. But do you use tap water or RO water? According to the latest research, Reverse Osmosis water is more beneficial for plants. And, so you must start using it. Here are a few reasons that will convince you to water your plants with RO water!

RO water or Tapwater: Which One is Better for Plants

Purified Form

RO water is purified water and will help your plants bloom. However, tap water has a lot of chemicals which are released in water bodies and so, you must prefer RO water.

Breaks Carbonates & Maintains Balance

If contaminated water is given to the plants, then it will lead to decaying. Tap Water has carbonates that increase the pH imbalance of the soil. RO water doesn't have carbonates and maintains the pH balance.

Best with Organic Compost Fertilizers

If you believe in using organic fertilisers, then RO water is the best for your plants. The purified RO water compliments the organic fertilisers and promotes the growth of the plants.