Proposal Traditions Around the World

Popping the question is not easy at all. It's a rollercoaster of emotions that you have to go through, and then you make the decision. To spend your life with someone who loves you unconditionally is a life lived to the fullest. If you want to go for an out of the ordinary proposal, then you can take an idea from the traditions that are followed in different cultures. Take a look at our intricate list of proposal traditions around the world, and pop out the question in a unique way!

proposal traditions around the world


The Italians believe in going all out and proposing with a Veretta diamond ring. A Veretta diamond ring is full of small diamonds and is a symbol of eternal love. Do it the Italian way and tell your beloved that your bond is eternal.


In Japan, the proposal is incomplete without the family. A ceremony called Yunio is organised, and then, the proposal takes place. Including your beloved's family is a thoughtful gesture and will leave her teary-eyed.


The locals of Kenya follow an interesting proposal tradition. The man sends a set of beads to the woman and expresses his love through them. If the woman accepts the beads, then it means a ' Yes'. You can give a shot at this tradition as it is definitely unique.


In Fiji, a bizarre tradition of giving a whale's tooth to the father of the girl is followed. If a man wants to propose to a woman, then he has to send a whale's teeth. After he gets the approval, then the couple can tie the knot.


Scotland has an intriguing tradition where the man has to cross hurdles set by his beloved's father. Once he accomplishes all the tasks, he can propose. You can try this one out and make it a fun-packed affair.


In Ireland, on 29th February, women can profess love and ask the man to marry her. You can wait for a leap year, plan a romantic evening, and do it in style.

The world is full of stupendous traditions. Our list of proposal traditions around the world will acquaint you with the classic way of asking the question. Are you ready to impress your beloved?