Office Decor Ideas to Increase Employee Productivity

The productivity of a team depends on a lot of factors. Although the will to think and contribute, and being part of a collaborative and understanding team are two huge factors that help fuel productivity in an office setup, the physical environment also plays a huge role. Here are a few ways through which you can increase productivity and stimulate a positive environment in the office using some decor changes:

Office Decor Ideas to Increase Employee Productivity

Stimulate Productivity With Colours

Colours have a profound way of stimulating one’s brain, especially in a high-pressure environment of an office. A correct combination of blue, yellow, red and green along with ample open spaces should help regulate the right senses for a cheerful working environment. Integrating brand colours in interior decor can also establish a sense of belonging.

Allot Personal/Mini Spaces

There comes a time when everyone likes to take a break from group activities and concentrate on their own work in a quiet, undisturbed space. Somewhere they can be one with their thoughts and not let the noise disturb them. Having small one-person desks and cabins could be a way to curb this issue and nurture personal space office etiquettes.

Include Flowers and Plants in the Decor

Indoor plants make for an excellent splash of colour, especially if the office decor is very neutral and toneless. There are so many variants of indoor plants for office that one can choose from. Peace lilies, succulents, snake plants, Fittonia (nerve plant), Madagaskar Dragon are some of the famous choices all around the world. Flowering plants such as Spearmint, Silverdop Eucalyptus, Lemon Balm and Lily of the Valley do not require a lot of maintenance and can leave the office smelling absolutely lovely at all times.

Unique Decor Art Pieces

This is one of the common office decor ideas that people go for when there is a renovation in order. Installing large pieces of art can transform the whole look of the room, making it appear more spacious and open. Try to install something that will capture the essence of the motives and targets of the team or company. Hanging mirrors can also be an option here. They have a way of making spaces look a lot more inviting than they actually are.

Allow Personalisation of Work Stations

A physical revamp of the office can sometimes solely depend on employees being allowed to personalise their workspace. Everybody has their own sense of style and decor. Giving them the freedom to personalise a space that they spend most of their day in will help create an atmosphere that is closer to home for them.

Other than these, there are always little bits and pieces of office decoration items that can be added and removed according to occasions and events to make workspaces feel more lively. For example, during the month of December, let the Christmas vibes take over the decor. It would be a cheap and sustainable way to get rid of the otherwise gloomy feel and in turn, let the employees feel a bit more relaxed ahead of the holiday season.