Office Décor Ideas to Create a Positive Aura

Offices are our second home and we spend more than half of our day at our office cubicles. An office that has dim lights and a boring colour scheme, hardly makes anyone happy. It's not enough just to love the work you do, but you even need an office space where you are surrounded by positive energy. The flow of positive energy is also called Chi and to attract it in your office space, all you need are a few quick changes. After all, employees and even you deserve a happy place that motivates you to work more and enjoy life. Here are amazing office decor ideas to create a positive aura!

Office Décor Ideas

Greens, Greens & More Greens

From the entrance of your office to the cubicles, add a lot of plants. Plants not only purify the air, but they attract positivity, prosperity, health and luck. You can bring in indoor plants like Lucky Bamboo, Jade Plant, Snake Plant and more.

Lights are Mandatory

A properly lit place will make you feel alive. Walking in an office that doesn't have proper lighting may affect you negatively. To create a positive aura, all you need is the right set of lights that make your office space brighter.

Perfect Color Scheme

It is observed that pastel and light shades make people feel more optimistic than the darker shades. White colour makes you feel at peace and a pastel pink brings a smile. Choose the right colour scheme that you think makes you want to stay at the office and work with a big smile on your face.

Keep it Organised

An untidy place is an abode of negativity. Make sure your office is cleaned properly and is organised at all times. If you are an employee, then start by organising your desk.

Add a Personal Touch

This one is specifically for all the employees. You are comfortable at a place that has a personal feeling attached to it. Bring in your favourite mug or pictures and add them to your desk for staying motivated and positive.