Masks to Cooler Dabbas Commute Friendly Gift Ideas

Innovation is the way to go when selecting gifts for loved ones. More than half of our country's population belongs to the working class and thus more often than not, have to commute long distances either by their own personal transport or by public transport to reach their professional destinations. Being on the road requires one to carry a lot of elements and accessories with them. Thus it becomes an easier job for people to decide on gifts for commuters as it is something that they can use regularly.

Let us take a look at some of the most creative, commute friendly gift ideas:

  • Stylish tiffin carriers- Carrying food from home is a popular culture in India whether you are an office goer or a student. Thus tiffin carriers popularly known as dabbas in India, are a must have in every one's kitchen closet. Gone are the days of the boring and common steel dabbas. There are a huge variety of stylish dabbas that are now available in the market. From sturdy steel to Tupperware to plastic you will be spoilt for choice if you are planning to gift one to your dear ones.
  • Earphone/ headphones- Everywhere you look around on the road or in public transport, you will find people listening to music on the go. It has become an essential part of the commute these days, be it for the younger generation or the old. Thus earphone/ headphones make for an excellent choice.
  • Pollution masks- Global warming and pollution has been one of the most trending news topics across papers and channels every day. In a country like India, air pollution is extremely common especially in cities like Delhi with a huge smog cover courtesy the large number of vehicles and many more factors. Therefore using a pollution mask proves to be quite useful and prevents inhalation of the toxic air around. If you are a commuter, it is the best gift you could have possibly asked for.
  • Audio devices- Music is the best way to get one through a long commute to work. Thus it is a given that audio devices like mp3 players, Bluetooth headgear and iPod make for great gifts for commuters.
  • Subscription to popular online video streaming sites- Many people travel long distances to their workplaces and listening to the same music may seem monotonous after some time. Online video streaming sites are highly popular all around the world with sites like amazon prime and Netflix streaming a huge collection of TV series' and movies. But these charge monthly or yearly fees for subscription. One of the coolest gift for commuters would be a subscription to these video streaming sites so that there is not one dull moment during their rides.