Long Lost Friends- Get Back In Touch With Personalised Gifts

Life is a journey and is divided in many stages. School life, teenage, adolescence, college, marriage, professional, mid-life, retirement etc. are commonly the stages that most of the people go through. Family is given by God but one thing or relationship that remains constant during all phases of life is friendship. One might have different friends in different stages of life but that relationship is constant. However over time, people tend to lose touch with old friends. Some may be there but just in your Facebook friend list or other social channels. And a casual ‘hi’ every now and then does not generate the same feeling. As life unfolds, many important people enter like husband, wife, in-laws, new relatives, etc. but the place of old pals remains.


Importance of Friends in Life:

  • Friends are the biggest critics and admirers both.
  • No one else can understand a person more than his/her close friends. Everything cannot be told or shared with parents or siblings and that’s where good friends come in and leave their mark forever.
  • Best friends always bring out the “best” from inside a person leading to personal growth.
  • Psychology says when surrounded by best buddies, it is easier for people to forget the dark past or shocking incidents of life.
  • Psychology also says that a great friendship is one of the biggest reasons behind one’s happiness and a comfortable life.
  • There will be no one like the old school, college, or childhood friends. With time, everyone goes ahead with the flow of their own lives – leaving friends behind. People move out of schools, colleges, universities, cities, and countries for pursuing a better life.

    Why It Is Important To Connect With Long Lost Friends?

    It is really important to connect with the long lost friends because they always elevates the good things in life. Various incidents happen and will continue to occur in life making it sometimes unbearable and that’s the phase where friends can spread their magic. There is a sense of soothing comfort, peace, and love when one is surrounded by friends. A connection with old friends also bring alive the belief in old values and principles which somehow get lost in the maze of life.

    Ways To Reconnect With Personalized Gifts For Friends

  • Friendship Day is a fabulous moment to remind the long lost friends with a wonderful personalized photo frame or t-shirt. The images from that “adventurous” Leh-Ladakh trip or the camp side fun can be used for reminding the best friends of those past times. Those friends who carry that adventurous, aggressive, and fun personality would surely love this gift.
  • The world has become a small place to live especially when everyone is on Facebook. So, it is not so difficult to get in touch with old buddies. And once they are in the friend list, birthday reminders are given by Facebook. One can plan a wonderful birthday surprise with midnight delivery of personalized photo frame that will leave the receiver startled. Those friends who were tagged as “melodramatic” or “drama queen” would prize this wonderful moment.
  • Apart from the special dates – any day is a good day to remember a great friend. Visiting the old friend after years with an old photo album revamped with a new personalized cover would leave the friend teary-eyed for sure. Those “happy go lucky” kind of people or those friends “who live for the moment” would find this gift really interesting.
  • That friend who was always the “planner” in the group can be given a nice surprise by opting for a personalized beer mug with an invitation to meet at the old college canteen. This strategy will leave a satisfying smile on his/her face. There are many memories with college canteen and beers for sure which will all come back in a flash. Those who cannot come on that day can be connected over Skype.
  • Every friend group had that one friend who used to be overprotective and very caring. These people are no less than cushions that provide relaxation and comfort. The best personalized gift for this friend would be a personalized LED cushion.