Creative Promise Day Pledges for Beloved

Unfortunately the idea of togetherness has completely changed today. The divorce rates have gone up tremendously and the break up rates have gone up higher. The meaning of the phrase "Until death do us part" has lost its significance completely. Earlier, marriages were believed to be made in heaven and couples used to spend more than 50 years with each other (doesn't it already seem like a lot to handle?). On Promise Day, do your best to reinforce the idea of a warm, committed and loving relationship with your beloved.

creative promise day Ideas

Here is a list of some creative pledges that you can take on Promise Day:

  • Pledge to stick by your partner even during the rough times

    Everyone can stay with you during your good times. However it is a real test of character to stay with someone when he/she is on a low. When you take this pledge, you promise to stay with your partner during thick and thin, during sickness and in good health. Staying with each other during good and bad times also mean staying with your partner even when his or her family members need attention.
  • Promise to make your relationship a priority

    Yes it is important to do well in your business or get promoted at your work place. However you cannot get all this at the cost of your relationship. Your relationship should always be your priority. Make sure that you never neglect your partner. You have to understand that before you became a CEO of a company or a great attorney, you first fell in love. May be it is because of this love that you have been able to achieve success. Even the biggest accomplishments in your life should not make you forget the value of your relationship.
  • Always let your partner know how much you love him or her

    In the initial days of courtship most couples give each other a lot of priority. But with time this entire scenario changes. You get so much busy with your work that you start taking your partner for granted. If your partner realizes this then he or she might break the relationship. In order for a relationship to work it is very important to let your partner know how much you love him or her.
  • Take a pledge to love your partner fully

    None of us are perfect and so it is vital for us to realize that life will not be the way we want it to be. There will be issues in life and your partner will have drawbacks. But you should be happy and lucky with whatever you have.
  • If you are committed in a relationship and take the above mentioned pledges, your relationship just got a booster shot for sure!